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Great Ramen Places In UK

5 great  ramen places in the UK

Ramen is one of those dishes that just gets all five senses – from the first slurp to the last drop, each flavour-packed mouthful packs a punch. Glistening, aromatic broth, bouncy noodles and a never ending list of ingredients. What more could you want?

So when you've got a hole in your day that only ramen can fix, we've put together five awesome Japanese restaurants for you to get to know. Get your chopsticks ready.

1. Sasuke Ramen

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Based in Soho, Sasuki Ramen does what a lot of places try to do – 'no frills', authentic eating. And if you ask us, they're pulling it off with style. They mix traditional Japanese ramen with the everyday, fast-paced lifestyle of their postcode. Even simple dishes, like their mouth-watering Miso Ramen, are unforgettable. The spicy, hot broth smothers bundles of noodles, sweet corn, bean sprouts, chashu pork and marinated bamboo shoots, leaving a wonderful taste in your mouth.

Where: Sasuke Ramen, London

2. Koi Ramen Bar

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Koi Ramen Bar started out selling their food on the streets of Brixton, and they're still as passionate about those street-food-style eats to this day, whipping up awesome, authentic ramen with heart. We love their Mellow Miso version, where a red and white miso, garlic, ginger, onions and sake broth is met with egg noodles, fried bean curd, bean sprouts, carrots and a soy sauce marinated egg. And the good news doesn't stop there, this one is vegetarian friendly.

Where: Koi Ramen Bar, two locations in London

3. Goemon Ramen/Rice Bowl

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They go all out with their ramen here at Goemon. Each element is put together with such precision, with ingredients mixed to create unrivalled flavour medleys. And it shows. Go for the Miso Butter Ramen if you don't like to stray too far from the beaten path, or opt for the Salad Ramen if you're after something a bit different. You'll find thick wheat noodles topped with wakame seaweed, tomato, memma bamboo, sweet corn, spinach and lettuce.

Where: Goemon Ramen/Rice Bowl, Brighton

4. Maki & Ramen Omakase

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This is a ramen bar with a real edge. We don't know a chilli addict who wouldn't want a mouthful of Hell Ramen, full of punch from a fiery chilli broth, served up with chashu marinated pork belly, a soft boiled egg and greens. If you prefer a taste of the sea, dig into the Lobster Ramen, made with a hearty, homemade lobster and prawn broth, topped off with half a grilled lobster. The Head Chef here travelled to Singapore to study at Yamato Ramen School, so you know this stuff is the real deal.  

Where: Maki & Ramen Omakase, two locations in Edinburgh

5. Haru Sushi & Ramen House

They've got loads of ramen-y options for you here, rustling up everything from the classic to the contemporary. Go for the Kemo Ramen if you like all things traditional, with grilled duck, kikurage mushroom, red ginger, pak choi and egg coming together for a delectable, can't-put-your-chopsticks-down meal.

If you're feeling a bit out there, go for the Peri Tonkotsu, where you'll find your classic ramen amped up with heart, topped off with jalapenos and a zingy, secret peri sauce. If you haven't already tried what Haru Sushi & Ramen House offer, now's the time.

Where: Haru Sushi & Ramen House, London

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