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  2. Holy Cow! The Quirky Steakhouse Shaking Up The Cardiff Food Scene
Holy Cow! The Quirky Steakhouse Shaking Up The Cardiff Food Scene

Holy Cow! The Quirky Steakhouse Shaking Up The Cardiff Food Scene

Whether you like your steak blue or well done, most people would agree that steak is amazing, from its French version to its American-style grandeur. But, putting national cuisines aside for a while, we have to admit that Steak of The Art just knows how steak is done.

With their extensive side dishes and starters, alongside having a great menu, Steak of the Art holds great events and showcases interesting art at their Cardiff venue. Here's why you should try Cardiff's quirkiest steakhouse:

1. The Local Produce

Steak of The Art sources all of its meat from farms on the Welsh border, Devon and Cornwall. The quality of the produce here is at the heart of this establishment's philosophy, and they use only responsibly farmed meat where animal welfare is at the heart of the farms' philosophy. Their seafood is caught off the coast of Cornwall and brought straight to the restaurant to be prepared for diners, and they often hold regular gourmet evenings to showcase the great produce that they have on offer in the restaurant. We know that the people of Cardiff love their meat, and Steak of the Art is raising the bar.

2. The Starters

The huge selection of starters means that you'll never say "no" to an entree. There are veg starters, which include a goat's cheese and beetroot salad, or chicken wings served with a tangy blue cheese sauce. You could even try a portion of moules mariniere, and this is even before the main event...  

3. The STEAK

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Seeing as their very name contains the word, it would be wrong not to talk about the steak at Steak of the Art. You can choose from sirloin, rib eye or fillet or you could share a chateaubriand (a large fillet steak for sharing) which is served with smoked tomatoes, mushrooms and bearnaise sauce. If you're not a fan of sharing, go for a single steak (try a rib-eye, it's the best of both worlds), and top it with one of Steak of the Art's steak sauces (try saying that after a few drinks). Are you a classic red wine jus kind of diner, or an adventurous Steak of The Art BBQ sauce kind? The best thing about steak is that it's always up to you.

4. The Art

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At Steak of the Art, food takes centre stage. However, in the all-important supporting role is the rotating gallery of art on the restaurant walls. Having your dinner prepared in an art gallery might seem like a stuffy affair, but at Steak of the Art it's just a cooler way to eat. Paying homage to Cardiff, the restaurant features a giant darlek and some rugby posts, honouring the rugby tradition and great players of Wales. If that's not enough art for you, there's a separate gallery alongside the restaurant.

5. The Other Stuff

If all of this wasn't enough, Steak of the Art serve up four different types of risotto, they have a fish menu, and they also cater for kids with a pretty grown-up kids menu. They've supported local runners by offering discounts for those running in the Cardiff Half Marathon, and they've also held jazz and poetry evenings. If you've got an extra special occasion coming up, you could book out their private dining room, and enjoy having it all to yourselves.

Mouth watering yet? We've got Steak of the Art on Deliveroo. We can't promise that your living room will have the same quirky views, but we can promise Steak of the Art's great food.

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