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  2. Mum deserves a night in! With these super posh restaurants in Birmingham you can make this the best Mother’s Day yet
Treat Your Mum to Birmingham’s Best on Mother’s Day

Mum deserves a night in! With these super posh restaurants in Birmingham you can make this the best Mother’s Day yet

Nothing shows genuine appreciation more than treating Mum to a wonderful meal she didn't have to cook herself. With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to enjoy some quality downtime over a well-deserved feast – and one that's worthy of the queen she truly is! Explore some really posh restaurants in Birmingham ready to prepare a divine meal, from appetiser right down to her favourite dessert. With inspired recipes from India to Italy, there's something perfect for every mum's taste. So check out our list of hot spots near you and get ready to hook her up with some fine dining.

1. Goa Fish Curry - Pushkar

Of course, Mum deserves only the best! As a winner of the British Curry Awards in 2015, Pushkar continues to deliver some of the most well prepared and deliciously intoxicating Indian dishes. If you're looking to add an exotic touch to Mother's Day, look no further: the Goa Fish Curry is highly recommended. This dish consists of tender pieces of tilapia fish slowly simmered in a classic Goa masala mix chock-full of onion, coriander seeds, fresh green chilli and curry leaves. A traditional meal unlike any other, make sure to get your hands on this beauty and ensure the best of Mother's Day dining!

2. Linguini Di Milano - Milano Ristorante

An insta-favourite that'll quickly make its way into your mum's heart, the Linguini Di Milano is a terrific Italian pasta dish designed to satiate any seafood-lover's craving. Mixed into a big bowl of delicious linguine are juicy prawns, fresh scallops, garlic, olive oil, a light touch of chilli and a rich, indulgent tomato sauce. Yum! Pair this meal with white wine in a timeless combination guaranteed to impress mum and make Mother's Day special. Order yours up from Milano Ristorante and let them do the work for you.

3. Goats Cheese Salad - Cote Brasserie

With a gorgeous collection of French classics, loved throughout the nation, Côte Brasserie delivers the unique and heart-warming flavours of France in the most exquisite of ways. The Goats Cheese Salad is a light main course perfect for a mum with a passion for healthy eating. Warm goats cheese is mixed with a roasted vegetable salad and served alongside incredible black olive tapenade crostini to bind these magical flavours together with each bite. Worldly, fresh and perfectly satisfying, this healthier dining alternative will be just the treat you had in mind.

4. Kerala Chilli Garlic Prawns - Asha's

Proudly earning their place in the 2015 Michelin guide, Asha's Indian cuisine is an enlightening experience. Serving up traditional and popular recipes from the north and south regions of India, every meal at Asha's is as superb as it is memorable. The Kerala Chilli Garlic Prawns are as opulent as they sound: thick, succulent Kerala Tiger Prawns are grilled to perfection over a roaring charcoal flame to lock in those juicy flavours and intense aromas. Lightly coated with garlic and chilli, these tasty morsels bring an extra kick to every bite. If your mama loves a bit of spice and everything nice, make sure to keep Asha's in mind when you plan her special surprise.

Ensure your Mother's Day is a success and treat her to a meal fit for a queen. Don't worry, Deliveroo will gladly help you out!

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