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Sushi vs Poke Bowls - What is the difference?

Poke bowl vs. sushi - what is the difference?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of poke. We've been familiar with sushi for some years now, but now we hear that the tasty poke bowl London style wants its slice of the action as well. As both kinds of dish often centre around raw fish, you might be forgiven for thinking that they're kind of the same thing. Well, they're not exactly. Sushi originates from Japan, whereas poke bowls originate from Hawaii. While there are certainly many similarities in terms of what the two can contain, they present themselves in very different ways. Sushi tends to be served in the form of little bite-sized rolls often with a bed of rice involved. Poke on the other hand often looks like an explosion of different-coloured ingredients, ranging from fish to veggies, all put together in the same bowl. They're both healthy and delicious options for your dinner or your lunch though, so we've compared our favourite dishes of each and what we like about them best.

1. Sushi offers little rolls

Sushi rolls are honestly pretty cute when you think about it! Their small size means that you can pick and choose different offerings from the menu without having to limit yourself to one thing. That's why we're super into the menu at Dozo Sushi in Soho, because they literally have all of the goodies. There's nigiri (fish on beds of rice), mori, maki and their special Dozo Rolls. For something a little different from the norm, why not go for one of these? Volcano Maki is our fave, consisting of eels, leeks, bonito flakes, eel sauce, avocado and mayonnaise to finish it off.

2. Whereas poke is in a bowl

There's sometimes no time to roll ingredients up when their deliciousness alone speaks for itself. Just down the road at Soho's Island Poke, you'll find that all of the components just pile in like a free-for-all inside of the bowl. Sure, there's usually a base. But, then everything else goes on top. Who cares? It's all going to end up in your mouth. For a unique choice, opt for the Market Bowl. It doesn't have any raw fish at all and its eclectic qualities come from the broccoli, mango, citrus miso glaze, peanuts and so much more that help build it up.

3. Sushi can be on its own

When it comes to sushi, sometimes the fish is enough to be the star of the show without anything else having to get involved. Sashimi is one of the most prestigious kinds of sushi dish around, featuring solely the highest grade of fish possible. Salmon sashimi is a pretty popular offering - and trust us, when it's done right it doesn't need any accompaniments to help it come into its own. At Bayswater's Sushi Sashimi, fans of this superior stuff are served five pieces of fresh salmon when ordering Salmon Sashimi. Soy sauce, wasabi and ginger are all invited to share the sidelines, but that's literally it.

4. Poke has lots of ingredients to make a rainbow

In direct contrast to sashimi, poke bowls are often all about providing diners with a little bit of everything. Because of this, you're often faced with a highly colourful and very exciting dish. Since all of the ingredients are wholesome and healthy, these bowls don't just look great; they taste great AND they're super great for your body, too. We're obsessed with the Oahu Bowl from Ahi Poke in Fitzrovia. Containing brown rice, ahi tuna, red onion, radish, carrot and coriander, this is full of the good stuff and a real rainbow to boot.

No matter what wins for you in the sushi vs. poke bowl debate, you can order either from Deliveroo.

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