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Plan a Picnic in the Park

Picnics in the park: a foodie guide to the perfect afternoon in the sun

British Summer Time's pretty unpredictable. So when the sun's out, you've got to make the most of it. We're helping you to squeeze every last drop out of the sunshine this season, by delivering your Deliveroo favourites straight to the park.

To set some serious al fresco food goals, here's our guide to the top 18 dishes you need to plan the perfect picnic.

Time for Pimm's

Pimm's – it's a British institution, and a picnic wouldn't be a picnic without it. So get slicing those strawberries, chopping that cucumber and orange, and picking some fresh mint to add to a Pimm's from The Alcohol Store in Highgate. Or for a pick-me-up without the prep, Sushilicious has got you covered in east London. Chin-chin!

Perfect pastries

A long, lazy lunch in the park calls for quiche, pastries and tarts because they taste amazing hot or cold as the afternoon rolls on. A Devon Ham & Cheddar Tart from Le Pain Quotidien, with light, crumbly pastry, followed by a sticky and sweet Strawberry Tart is perfect for a solo picnic or sharing with a friend – if you're feeling generous.

Sandwiches in the sun

Sandwiches are a picnic staple, but we're not talking soggy sarnies that have spent all afternoon in your backpack. We're talking artisan sandwiches, loaded with silky smoked salmon and packed with the salty punch of Parma ham. For a freshly baked roll of this calibre, look no further than Pinkmans of Bristol. Sun's out buns out!

Afternoon tea

Jam on first or cream on first – whichever way you eat your scone it's going to be delicious, and it's bound to taste even sweeter when the weather's on your side. For an idyllic afternoon tea in the park, feast your eyes on these beauties from Jameson's Café and Tea Rooms in Sheffield for some serious scone inspiration.

Pizza in the park

Pizza's the ultimate crowd-pleaser whatever the occasion, so why leave it out of your picnic? Fitting a full pie into your hamper's a challenge. But when you can get a pizza like Crust Bros' Cheeky Bro brought straight to the park, this is one finger food that's made for sharing in the sunshine.

A couple of cold ones

When you're out in the midday sun there's nothing like an ice cold beer to take the edge off. But no one wants to drag a great big crate around with them. So ditch the cooler and get drinks delivered to the park. Just imagine a frosty bottle of Heineken or a cool, refreshing Sol brought from Brew House. It's picnic paradise.

Wine in the sunshine

When wine time comes around, a blushing bottle of rosé in the sun with your besties takes some beating. A drop of Pinot Grigio Breganze from Majestic, with a peachy scent and light floral flavours, is pure summer served by the glass.

Smoothies for summer

If you're starting your summer health kick you still need to treat yourself. So enjoy a nourishing smoothie in the sun, like Juice 42's I am Glowing, that's packed full of goodies and juicy berries.

Ice cream fundays

It wouldn't be summer without ice cream, so never plan a picnic without it. A cone stacked high with your favourite flavours, or a tub of creamy, slow-churned pistachio gelato from Swoon are a must when the midday heat strikes.

Scotch eggs – a picnic classic

Scotch eggs have played a major role in many a British picnic. But don't settle for a packet picked out from the back of a fridge, go gourmet. Check out Mac & Wild's Venison Scotch Eggs for eggspiration.

Say yes to a proper salad

A good salad should never sit on the sidelines. When they taste as good as the Bernadette from Cocotte, you can make them the main event of your picnic. Full of contrasting textures, zingy balsamic vinegar balanced with cool feta, and a hit of fiery mustard –  you can't write this off as rabbit food that's for sure.

A bit of bubbly

Bubble tea's your go-to sunny day drink when you're torn between something fresh and fruity or cool and creamy. A Milk Tea from CUPP will tick all those boxes, and get major likes for your picnic on Instagram in the process.

BBQ without the grill

When your BBQ skills extend to burning a couple of bangers, leave it to the pitmasters. You don't need to drag a smoker to the park though when Red's True Barbecue can be brought to you. Mouthwatering wings and fall-off-the-bone ribs make for a mammoth meaty picnic if dainty pastries and salads aren't your bag. But if burgers are more up your street, give your designated BBQ chef a break and order a round of MEATliquor's Dead Hippie burgers instead.

Summertime sushi

What could look more summery than sushi? A vibrant platter from Sushi Waka, with salmon and scallop nigiri plus California Rolls, is made for sharing with your mates for a chilled day in the park.

Pretty as a picture cupcakes

You want your picnic to look picture perfect, right? So what better way to show off your sunny day spread than with pretty rose cupcakes from Primrose Bakery. Light sponge with a hint of delicate florals – you'll feel like you've been upgraded to a spot of tea in a country garden.

Hot dogs for hot days

Hot dogs are another BBQ staple that your summer time should never be without. But don't leave grilling your bangers to chance when there's gourmet dogs up for grabs from Bubbledogs – think juicy pork, beef or veggie dogs with mountains of mac and cheese, beef chilli or classic caramelized onion.

Poke picnic

When the midday heat calls for something fresh and light, poke bowls – like the vibrant dishes of rice, raw fish and crunchy veggies from Honi Poke – should be the centrepiece of your picnic. (Plus, the contrasting colours of edamame against delicate raw salmon would start some serious food envy on your Instagram!)

The ready-made picnic – Carluccio's and Humble Grape

Don't fancy the hassle of packing your own hamper? (Who does in this heat, let's be honest.) Enter Carluccio's and their ready-made picnics! Perfect for an Italian feast for two, they're packed with antipasti, chicken, summery Pea Bruschetta and fruity tarts. Or for a blissful veggie picnic, swap out your meat for hearty Stuffed Peppers.

For more stereotypically English summertime fare, Humble Grape's got your picnic in the bag. There's the carnivore's picnic with a selection of meat, or a vegetarian banquet of cheeses, strawberries (very Wimbledon!), and a bottle of wine of course. Summer is served!

You grab the spot, we'll bring the lunch you love to the park. Order to your local now.

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