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London’s Pilau Dishes Take Centre Stage

London’s pilau dishes take centre stage

The Indian style of cooking pilau or pulao rice varies from restaurant to restaurant. At its most basic pilau (aka pulao and pilaf) is rice cooked in a seasoned broth. It can also include onion and other vegetables, as well as different spices. Sometimes meat or fish is in there, too, making it a stand-alone meal rather than just a side dish.

And why have a plain steamed or boiled rice dish to go with your curry when you can choose something altogether more interesting? Dabble in some different Indian cooking flavours and order a piping pot of pilau rice - you won't regret it! We've put together a selection of the tastiest versions of this time-tested rice dish, all available from Indian restaurants across London.

1. Paneer Rice Bowl

For a dish that has just the right balance of nutritious ingredients and tastes great too, choose the Paneer Rice Bowl from Pilau in Soho. The pilau rice is seasoned and cooked in a tomato and coconut milk sauce. Soft Indian cheese (paneer), peas and onions complete this warming and nutritious bowl - great for a lunch on a chilly day or a cosy supper on the sofa. And you'll also get a warm glow from knowing that Pilau donate a meal to a child in India every time someone places an order.

2. Vegetarian Thali

At Babur, pulao rice is seasoned and sauteed with spices before being boiled and served up as one of their rice dish sides. The Vegetarian Thali is a mix of small dishes, including pulao rice, mini naan, green bean fogath, gobi capsicum, dal makhni and paneer makai tawa masala. This makes for a perfect tasting platter - great for when you can't decide what you want to eat the most and also suitable for vegetarians.

3. Moon Light King Prawn

The delicately fragrant pilau rice plays the role of the perfect accompaniment in one of the Chef's Specials at Fusion Tiffin. In their Moon Light King Prawn dish, king prawns are seasoned, grilled and served in the house-special sauce, on a soft, delicious bed of pilau rice. Both the rice and the king prawns are included, so you don't have to order a side - we totally suggest you do, though! Fusion Tiffin really are the kings of fab Indian meals, so order up and enjoy with a nice cool Kingfisher or Cobra beer.

4. Mushroom & Brown Garlic Pulao

There are two pulao rice dishes to choose between at PURE Indian Cooking. Perhaps you'll fancy the Mushroom & Brown Garlic Pulao as a side to go with their signature dish of Coconut Lamb, or maybe the Pea & Jeera Pulao is more to your liking. And if you're wondering what jeera rice is - well, it's the extra-fragrant and sweet-edged result of adding cumin seeds to the pulao rice dish. Yum!

Next time you order a curry from Deliveroo, accelerate your taste experience by ordering one of these delicious pilau plates of rice.

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