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  2. So salty! Four wicked pickle plates from all around the globe
So salty! Four wicked pickle plates from all around the globe

So salty! Four wicked pickle plates from all around the globe

 Roll up, roll up! Brine lovers everywhere, come get your fill; today we're doling out four of our favourite pickle dishes from all around the planet. We've got Indian, we've got Asian, we've got hulking burgers and gherkins galore! Salted veg is a dish with endless potential – that's why it pops up in cuisine everywhere, and it's time to show it some love. Tuck that napkin in, work that appetite and take a seat, all you savoury devotees. We're strapping in for whistle-stop tour of global cuisines and their deliciously pickling plates.  

1. North America  

Up first, the grand old continent of North America. US and Canadian cuisine has always been a delightfully large affair, and our standout example of their pickle prowess follows said supersize trend. Witness: the Ultimate Pit Boss Burger, decked out in sliced green frickles and smushed between two pearly brioche buns.

This beast of a meal is every carnivore's dream come true; a handmade tower of beef, pulled pork, cheese and bacon. An onion ring crowns its top, lettuce adds some crunch and a load of sides piles the dish ever higher; we're talking more frickles, the subject of our list, plus fries, mini-corn, and creamy coleslaw. Place your order, lick your lips, then say thank you to the kitchen of Bluegrass BBQ. They deserve it.  

2. United Kingdom

Deeply fried, deeply soaked, deeply pickled. Our next stop takes us from the east coast all the way over to the small coast - the UK – Moody's Place, to be precise. This time our pickle dish is centre stage, a plate up of its own with crisp and crunchy flavour: Deep Fried Gherkins. Oh yeah. It doesn't get much simpler, or tastier, than this.


3. India

From East to West, from England to India, this time we're chowing down on a piping hot curry. The Achari Lamb dish from Ethaaas Indian Takeaway takes pickle loving to its core, draping the titular meat in a pickle masala and garnishing on top with whole green chilli and coriander. A little hotter, a little creamier, a little healthier. That's Indian for you!

This is a wonderful dish for all those pickle lovers out there on the hunt for something more - a sauce imbued with briny goodness. Delicious.

4. Korea

Forget pickled cucumber - we're talking pickled onion from here on out. Our final dish is a serving of Sweet Chilli Chicken from Bentobab, a Korean restaurant with mastery of all things meaty, Asian, and delicious. Their plate of Korean chicken bibim is exactly what it says on the tin, and it's all the more yummy for it. Deep fried chicken is served up alongside cucumber, white cabbage, and pickled onion. Sweet chilli sauce is drizzled on top and a choice of side comes compliments of the house: go for white rice, kimchi, glass noodle or salad as you please. We recommend the kimchi - we're all about that time aged veg, after all!  

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