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Northeast Food: Geordies Are Really On The Pulse With Pulses!

Geordies Are Really On The Pulse With Pulses!

Pulses are becoming ever more popular across the UK as more and more of us get to grips with healthy food. Even if you're not health-conscious, there are plenty of yummy dishes which feature them - perhaps ones you're already eating.

Of course, they also provide an amazing protein alternative to meat across the city so, for any vegetarians out there, pulses may well be for you (and they're certainly on the menu)! There are an array of delicious dishes being created up and down the country featuring perfect pulses; for instance, you'll find lentils in Indian food in Manchester or chickpeas in salads in London.

You see, pulses blend easily into an array of meals. You don't have to just eat them plain! They're not going to be obvious but they are going to be delicious...

1. Jamie's Italian: Tender Roasted Aubergine

Everyone knows Jamie's Italian but what you probably don't know is how much food there actually is outside of classic Italian fare. The Tender Roasted Aubergine dish offers delicious roasted veg, topped with an assortment of ingredients to tickle your taste buds. An agrodolce ragu of tomatoes, lentils, raisins and pine nuts all combine to create an insanely tasty treat. And that's not all; it's finished off with garlicky almond yogurt, rocket, and pomegranate.

2. Rani: Mussels With Lentils

Mussels may not be the first things you think about being on the menu of an Indian restaurant but the cuisine is known for using lentils extensively. This dish puts an Indian twist on a seafood-lover's classic go-to. Prepared in a sweet and sour hot sauce, this is a real flavour combination, and it's unique to Rani. It may not be classic Indian, but it does push the boundaries, which is something Geordies love.

3. Alsham: Hummus Shawarma Chicken

Think you don't eat pulses? You may well be forgetting about hummus! Its principle ingredient is chickpeas, and this dish from Alsham has it all. Featuring pureed chickpeas, sesame paste, and lemon juice to make the hummus, the meat is not the star of the show, as each component blends perfectly. Shawarma lamb and chicken brings the dish together as one.


4. The Bake: Vegetarian Moussaka With Chickpeas

Moussaka is an absolute classic but it's typically made with minced meat. This version from this Byker-based restaurant is totally vegetarian, which means that basically anyone can enjoy it. The Bake's version is made with fried aubergine, baked with tomato, onion, and sweet peppers. But, of course, the secret ingredient is chickpeas. Not only will you be enjoying something truly tasty, the chickpeas have many health properties in themselves, including improved digestion and more. They're a great source of plant-based protein, perfect for if you're trying to make a vegetarian switch.

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