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  2. The Perfect Burger & Chips Exists Alright: Here In Leeds!
The Perfect Burger & Chips Exists Alright: Here In Leeds!

The Perfect Burger & Chips Exists Alright: Here In Leeds!

Ah, a good old-fashioned burger and chips. A bit of an American staple, granted, but that hasn't stopped the delicacy from finding its way over to Leeds - there are loads of American takeaways here! Of course, as we're seeing across the country, that doesn't mean boring, basic food. Look at Bristol, for example - they're doing all kinds of things with American cuisine. Let's focus just on burgers, for now, shall we - just look at the kinds you can get!

Quirky Burgers & Funky Fries

Perhaps the best thing about these crazy new burgers is their variety. You can try them all without ever feeling like you're eating the same burger twice!

1.  The Pit: CrossFit Leeds Burger

This is a burger by name but perhaps not as you know it. The Pit is conscious of the fact that people who are trying to get in shape might want a cheat day from time to time so they offer a happy compromise. The CrossFit burger is inspired by a team of fitness pros and is great for a post-workout meal. Beef burger, fried egg, and cheese is all served alongside baked sweet potato wedges and an avocado and bacon salad. And the secret? There's no burger bun. All of the protein, less of the carbs. Go get those gains!

2.  Almost Famous: Filthiest Show In Town

The Filthiest Show In Town is also one of the most fabulous shows in town, too. It's got everything you might be craving from a burger, all stacked up into one. A double beef burger, chorizo, gooey fried mozzarella, combined with shoestring onion and parmesan makes for one true showstopper, and we've not even finished yet! The encore comes by way of Mamma's Red Sauce, French's Mustard, and Dynamo sauce. You should try the Phoenix Fries, too - they come topped with just about everything you can think of, including the intriguing Bacon Rain, Frazzles, and a JD Glaze. Almost Famous, you've outdone yourself with this performance!

3.  Handmade Burger Co: Veg-Mex

Vegan? You're probably used to feeling left out of the whole "burger" conversation. But you know what? That doesn't need to be the case. The veg-mex from Handmade Burger Co is comprised of a veggie patty, handmade Mexican salsa, crushed avocado, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. If you're looking for chips on the side, they've got so many kinds! We recommend either the peri-peri ones or the one with rosemary salt... and yes, they're vegan too!


4.   MeatLiquor: Chicken Parma Burger

Fancy something a little different? A chicken burger is just as good as the classic, beef. MeatLiquor serves up a fried chicken fillet with Serrano ham. As if that wasn't special enough, it also contains melted mozzarella and its partner in crime, marinara sauce. Dusted off with parmesan cheese to finish things off, it's almost complete - but not until you also add chilli cheese fries, on the side!


All burgers are not created equal, but luckily, that means you have plenty of choices! See what yours is right here on Deliveroo.

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