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  2. The UK's most unexpected peanut butter pairings. Try to resist, we dare you
The UK's most unexpected peanut butter pairings. Try to resist, we dare you

The UK's most unexpected peanut butter pairings. Try to resist, we dare you

Peanut butter is known for its irresistible creaminess, indulgent thickness and signature crunch. It's one of the most flexible ingredients around, whether you're pairing it with bananas in a milkshake for dessert or smearing it over a burger - you heard! It's safe to say you can't go wrong by adding peanut butter to just about anything. Check out some of the tastiest peanut butter pairings we've discovered from all over the UK. We promise each bite delivers a mind-blowing experience!

PB and... burger?

Over at Blacks Burgers, Vas and Philip - a dynamic father-son duo - produce some of the juiciest burgers you'll ever lay your hands on. Using only the best local ingredients to cook up some truly divine dishes, be sure to treat yourself to the Rolla Burger next time you're ordering in. A thick, meaty patty is stacked with American cheese, crunchy bacon and a fried egg, then topped off with our star ingredient. Addictive from the very first bite, approach this burger with caution and prepare yourself to see peanut butter in a whole new light.

Crispy bacon and crunchy PB

Another peanut butter-filled gift to burger lovers everywhere is the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger from OOWEE Diner. Reinforcing the idea that peanut butter and burgers are long-lost besties, this dish features sweet onions piled on top of crisp bacon and a big, fat patty. These classic ingredients are then slathered in peanut butter and sandwiched between two toasty buns for the ultimate delight. Many find the addition of peanut butter a little odd, but it definitely brings a new and exciting sensation with each juicy bite. Try it once and we promise this messy and deeply satisfying beauty will have you running back for more.

Some like it smooth

The crunchy vs. smooth has long divided PB fans, but - however you like your spread on its own - it's undeniably luxurious in a silky smooth milkshake. Bagel & Burger Kitchen serve up a fantastic mash of peanut butter blended gorgeously with a fruity jam, milk and ice cream to produce the Peanut Butter & Jelly Milkshake. We don't need to say much to convince you on this one! With the heatwaves expected this summer, quench your thirst on a hot day with something creamy and delicious - a rare masterpiece of the peanut butter kind.

A twist on the classic

It's hard to resist a waffle for breakfast if you get the chance. A timeless brekkie or brunch delight, waffles can be found in almost every diner or restaurant that knows what it's doing. Taking it a step further, Madame Waffle drenches those battered beauties in peanut butter, then chops up some fresh bananas and sprinkles them all over. Bringing it up yet another notch, they load this magnificent creation up with a salted caramel sauce - it's a truly hypnotic experience. As a power breakfast or a terrific brunch, the Peanut Butter & Banana Waffle is a must try.

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