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  2. Passionate About Pork? These 5 Hog Burgers Are Perfect, Day Or Night
Passionate About Pork? These 5 Pork Sandwiches Are Perfect

Passionate About Pork? These 5 Hog Burgers Are Perfect, Day Or Night

There's something about a wonderfully-cooked piece of pork that just looks and tastes right. Whether it's the succulence of the meat, it's rich flavours or the complementary sauces and sides that make it really sing, it's difficult for any other meat to rival pork in the taste stakes.

But if you're looking for something a little more upmarket than a bacon sarnie, we recommend these five restaurants that hand-craft mouth-watering hog burgers and sandwiches that'll take your love of pork to the next level.

1. Carnitas Sandwich

Widely regarded as one of the most popular American takeaways in Glasgow, the Great Western Sandwich Co. offers a huge range of exciting and mouth-watering sandwiches packed with flavours from all four corners of the world. They consider themselves to be artisans in the world of sandwiches, with their own homemade breads and accompaniments to their locally sourced meat from their very own butcher. They really get the Mexican-influenced Carnitas Sandwich spot on, with the juicy pulled pork topped with sour cream, black beans and avocado and jalapenos in a fresh polka roll.

2. Bacon & Egg Burger with Mayo & Crispy Onions

The Arancini Brothers have come a long way from their Brick Lane Market stall. In recent years, their popularity has seen their former market stall blossom into a city-wide franchise of Italian and American-inspired comfort food outlets. They are particularly popular in the mornings with their breakfast burgers going down a storm. Perfectly cooked bacon and eggs are combined with the Brothers' infamous mushroom zucchini risotto patty in an organic brioche bun for a breakfast pick-me-up that really packs a punch.

3. Porky's on Holiday

Specialising in pork, beef and lamb chops and pulled buns, Chop & Chip Co. really is the place for carnivores to order from - but won't leave vegetarians disappointed either with their jackfruit offerings. Their Porky's on Holiday hog burger is incredible, served in the restaurant's own rich and sticky barbecue sauce. The pulled pork is slow-roasted and combined with onion rings and fresh salad for a welcome crunch. Each pulled bun also comes with a free side of fries for that extra crunch.

4. Pulled Pork Sandwich

Inspired by the foods of Kansas City, Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton is a household favourite in North London for slow-roasted meats and dripping in their signature sauce. Their sandwiches are typical Southern soul food. We were particularly bowled over by their Pulled Pork Sandwich, which features their pulled pork, fresh from the smoker, combined with pickles, homemade slaw and a Carolina sauce.

5. Hot Box Piggy Burger

If you're in close proximity to Spitalfields, you haven't lived until you've placed an order at Hot Box, a place where cooking methods are everything. All their meats are dry-rubbed and cooked long and low for the most succulent, melt-in-the-mouth texture. They offer a huge range of smoked ribs, but we're particularly fond of the Hot Box Piggy Burger, which combines an aged beef patty with slow-cooked pulled pork, pickles and the restaurant's house barbecue sauce.

If you're keen to discover more of Deliveroo's participating restaurants that specialise in American-style pork burgers and sandwiches and more, you can find our full list here.

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