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Pancake Day: 7 Perfect Pancake Restaurants

Pancake Day: 7 perfect pancake restaurants

Shrove Tuesday – for some of us, it's the final sugar-coated hurrah before Lent commences the next day, and we bid a sad farewell to chocolate until the Easter Day gorge. For the rest, it's just a solid excuse to feast on some delicious pancakes. Either way, crêpe cravings must be curbed, so we've compiled a list of the best places for a Pancake Day banquet.

Where to find perfect pancakes


From its humble beginnings in Hammersmith Broadway, Crêpeaffaire has proliferated around the nation and become something of a household name. Rather than try to evoke a little French village crêperie, they are pioneers of the 'urban cosmopolitan' pancake – think Mexican pulled chicken or crispy hoisin duck. But these crêpe connoisseurs know that it all begins with the perfect crispy canvas, and they're kind enough to have shared their foolproof recipe with us so you can recreate their golden pancakes at home.

Where: Nationwide

Senzala Creperie

A coveted component of Brixton Village's quirky restaurant collection, Senzala is a Brazilian creperie specialising in gourmet savoury galettes.

What to order: Forget cheese-centric crêpe traditions and opt for the vegan Dujhan, with garlicky sauteed mushrooms, caramelised onions and asparagus tips, all drizzled in a maple dressing.

Where? London

La Petite Crêperie

Helmed by two chefs, one from Paris and one from Toulon, La Petite Crêperie brings a truly authentic taste of French tradition to the north of England with their selection of savoury buckwheat galettes and sweet crêpes.

What to order: Try a bit of boozy decadence with the orange chocolate and Grand Marnier offering.

Where? Durham

My Old Dutch

No pancake pilgrimage would be complete without a trip to My Old Dutch (find their Holborn branch here), London's original pancake house and masters in the art of perfectly fluffy hotcakes.

What to order: You've got to sample a butterscotch flavoured pancake, and then keep the toppings simple: fresh berries, a drizzle of maple syrup and a dusting of icing sugar.

Where? London

La Petite Bretonne

Headed by a French couple and served out of out of a vintage Citroen campervan, the sweet crêpes and savoury buckwheat galettes at La Petite Bretonne are a true emulation of French tradition.

What to order: In homage to Brittany – the region of France where these pancakes were invented – opt for the classic galette by the same name, with ham, emmental cheese and a fried egg, garnished with chives, cracked black pepper and garlic oil.

Where? Huddersfield

Les Deux Amies

Run by – that's right – two French friends, Les Deux Amies bring a slice of traditional crêpe culture to Croydon BOXPARK with their delightfully thin and crispy French specialties.

What to order: Try their namesake crêpe, Les Deux Amies – spread with a decadent homemade salted caramel butter and nutella then garnished with crumbled cookies.

Where? London

Le Petit Breton

An artisan crêperie with a charming family history, Le Petit Breton serves up an authentic Breton experience with every bite. The owner was brought up in Brittany by a family of chefs, and opened up shop in Ireland some years later – with her family's 4th generation crêpe recipe clasped in her hand.

What to order: Encompassing both her childhood and adopted heritage, opt for the indulgent Irish Breakfast crêpe, replete with lardons, black pudding, sauteed mushrooms and a fried egg.

Where? Dublin

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