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Pancake Day, Every Day: 7 Of The Best Pancake Types

Pancake Day, every day: 7 of the best types of pancake

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Nothing can inspire panic-induced grocery shopping quite like the knowledge that we have forgotten Shrove Tuesday again, and that the cupboards are bare of all things pancake. Brazil may have their carnivals, but our very British celebration of Mardis Gras – Fat Tuesday – has captured the imagination of the UK to such an extent that sometimes it seems as though we've forgotten that we're allowed to eat pancakes on the other 364 days of the year.

So to celebrate our year-long appreciation for the golden circles of wonder, we've put together a list of some of the very best pancake variations and combinations – all available on Deliveroo.

1. Scotch or American pancakes

Stack 'em high and top with bacon, maple syrup and butter for that sugar rush that can only come with the American diner-style pancake. If you want to throw caution and waistline completely to the wind, then add a swirl of spray cream too. To keep things a little bit healthier then swap the bacon and syrup out for strawberries, blueberries and a dollop of honey – for that fresh summer taste.

2. Crêpes

The iconic crêpe, so thin it's practically missing and so tasty it's unfair, the crêpe deserves only the very best toppings. The natural choice is obviously Nutella – a match made in food heaven. Simply layer on the Nutella, apply a liberal helping of chopped banana or strawberries, and roll it up. Nirvana awaits.

3. Palačinke

Similar to a crêpe, this thin Eastern European pancake just begs to be filled with sweet things. Add lemon juice and sugar for a sharp, fresh taste – or keep it traditional with Lekvar (thick traditional jams) and a sprinkle of confectioner's sugar. If you really want to push the boat out and experience the best a Palačinke has to offer, then add in a few ground walnuts for an extra creamy taste and crunchy texture.

4. Blini

If crêpes had an opulent sibling, it would definitely be the blini. These succulent Russian pancakes are made from buckwheat flour and demand to be lavished with only the finest toppings. Sour cream, butter and – for those who really want to impress – caviar. A variant on the blini are blintzes. Made of wheat, these equally divine pancakes also have to be treated a certain way – filled with fruit or cheese, folded in half, and then sautéed for that extra flamboyant touch.

5. Poffertjes

They say that the best things come in small packages and Dutch Poffertjes are no exception. These mini pancakes made from yeast and buckwheat flour are spongy enough to bounce your fork on, and packed with taste-bud tingling flavour. Keep it traditional by topping with powdered sugar and butter, or start the night early with a healthy pouring of advocaat.

6. Mashed potato pancake fry-up

Add a little mashed potato to your batter, and you'll have the perfect savoury pancake for a fried breakfast that will earn you chef-of-the-week status. The potato makes the pancake thick and chunky, so there's plenty to sink your teeth into (pun absolutely intended). Keep it substantial with a poached egg, bacon and hollandaise sauce for a new take on Eggs Benedict. Because everything is better with pancakes.

7. Chinese Pancake

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It would be a crime to forget about the glorious outlier of the pancake family. Made from dough rather than batter, never has crispy duck found a better place to reside in the iconic Chinese pancakes. Add in sliced spring onions and cucumber and top with hoisin sauce and you have arguably the best savoury pancake combination that ever graced a pair of lips.  If meat isn't your thing, then you can swap out the duck for sliced chestnut mushrooms.  

Fancy getting a headstart on Shrove Tuesday? See which restaurants in your local area deliver pancakes on Deliveroo.  

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