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  2. Our pick of the pancakes to order from Deliveroo in London this Pancake Day
Deliveroo’s Pick of the Pancakes in London for Pancake Day

Our pick of the pancakes to order from Deliveroo in London this Pancake Day

We all love lemon and sugar, it's a classic. But if you're looking to go all out on your Pancake Day toppings, or pay tribute to the pancake with something a little bit different this year, check out these delicious sweet and savoury numbers that you could order from Deliveroo.

The Elvis – Outsider Tart

This is a dish fit for rock and roll royalty. It's a mix of banana, peanut butter, honey sauce and crumbled bacon for a salty and sweet American style stack. And if this topping combo wasn't enough to make your day, Outsider Tart is doing a Pancake Day takeover – there's everything from blueberries and blueberry butter to cornmeal johnnycakes with beef or pork hot dogs on their all-pancake menu.

Poffertjes – My Old Dutch

You've probably seen these little pancakes pop up on your Instagram feed before. Poffertjes are those mini Dutch pancakes that are made in what looks like a muffin tin, then instead of being tossed, they're flipped with a stick until they're all light, fluffy and perfectly puffy. If more pancakes the better is your motto on Shrove Tuesday, try these from My Old Dutch, either dusted with snowy icing sugar or covered in loads of sweet toppings and ice cream.

Savoury crepes – La Petite Bretagne

If you always thought Pancake Day was only for people with a sweet tooth, then you need to try these savoury French pancakes from Le Petite Bretagne. These are proper Breton style crepes, or galettes because they're made from buckwheat flour, so they're gluten free too. They're super thin, super light and packed with loads of delicious fillings. So, to go all out on the French theme, how about getting one stuffed with gooey raclette, potatoes, ham and gherkins?

Mille Crêpes – Kova Patisserie

Kova Patisserie puts the cake in pancake. These Instagrammable Japanese-style stacks are made from layer after layer of delicate flavoured crepes – including matcha, chocolate and vanilla – with creamy fillings sandwiched in between. And it takes 12 hours and a whole lot of precision to craft each one. Try it by the slice or go for the whole cake, because you can never have too many pancakes, right?

Buttermilk Pancakes #2 – The Pear Tree

This Aussie-inspired stack from The Pear Tree is sticky, sweet, salty and looks like sunshine on a plate. These soft buttermilk pancakes are piled high with caramelised pineapple, tangy passionfruit sauce, coconut chips and cool vanilla ice cream. And then for a bit of crunch, you get that hit of crispy bacon, followed by another layer of sweetness from maple syrup.

Pancake Tower Challenge – Polo

Professional pancake eaters, step up to the plate. Polo's Pancake Tower Challenge is a 12 inch stack, with mixed fresh berries, banana, vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of strawberry sauce. Do you reckon you could conquer these pancakes alone?

Not a pro at pancake flipping, or maybe you just fancy trying something new this year? Give some of these stacks a try for Pancake Day from Deliveroo.

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