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Crying Out For Crepes In London? These 4 Will Not Disappoint

We’re crying out for crepes in London, so here’s where to find the top pancake picks!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, when someone says 'pancakes for breakfast?', whether you're a morning person or not, breakfast immediately becomes the most important part of your day. From the French crepe, to the American pancake, the dish has become the world's most popular breakfast. You may prefer your pancakes traditional, but here are some exciting savoury twists on the classic - the best crepes in London!

1. The Famous Crepe Dog - Dog and Crepe

The Dog and Crepe combines two of the world's favourite, feel-good dishes - crepes and hot-dogs. The menu offers a vast number of savoury crepes, but it's not just your standard cheese and ham. Filings include everything from spicy tuna, to falafel. But it's the Famous Crepe Dog that champions the menu, wrapping up a beef hot dog, cheese, spinach, chilli and mushrooms into a delicious crepe. Maybe you had a long, indulgent night last night? Maybe you have a big day ahead? This dog'll sort you right out.

2. Award Winning Pancakes - Polo

We're sticking with sausages in our next item. And bacon. Or maybe lemon and sugar? Polo prides itself on being a 'Great British Cafe' - a step up from the greasy-spoon, but still delivering delicious traditional British grub. It's the pancakes that make this restaurant more than just a local cafe: their Award-Winning stacks include toppings of bacon, maple syrup and even Cumberland sausages, while the traditional lemon and sugar remains a favourite on this menu. Why not add pancakes to your full English breakfast at home?

3. Buttermilk Pancakes - The Pear tree

The Pear Tree brings diners a fusion of Australian cuisine. Although the menu covers all-day dining, it's the breakfast that captures most customers' imaginations and appetites. Their Buttermilk Pancakes are over-the-top and mouth-watering. Caramelised pineapple, crispy bacon, passion fruit sauce, coconut chips, maple syrup and vanilla cream top this buttermilk pancake stack. It's so worth setting your alarm for!

4. My Old Dutch Pancakes - My Old Dutch

Since 1958, My Old Dutch has been flipping pancakes for hungry batter lovers. The dutch style pancake is a classic, served open with melted cheese, fruit and meat - they're a breakfast, lunch and dinner pancake. The Old Dutch's Savoury Pancakes host an array of flavours and cuisines. But, the My Old Dutch with ham, chicken, cheese, smoked bacon, sweetcorn and peppers is a savoury crepe heaven!

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