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  2. Oxford’s Rich and Creamy Curries Are Best Mopped Up with Buttery Naan
Creamy, Rich Curries in Oxford

Oxford’s Rich and Creamy Curries Are Best Mopped Up with Buttery Naan

The greatest thing about having food delivered to you at home is the pure, unsullied freedom of being able to eat your meal as uninhibited - and quite frankly, as messy - as you like.

Those who find a way to fit at least one mouth-watering curry dish into their weekly routine have a mutual understanding: There is nothing better than the satisfaction of mopping up that last bit of sauce with a flaky piece of naan.  Thankfully, with Oxford's superb curry offerings, you no longer need to be afraid of eating with your hands. Feel free to dig right in!

1. Chicken Lababdar, 4500 Miles From Delhi

4500 Miles From Delhi introduces you to one of the lesser-known delicacies from India. If you're looking for an incredibly filling and taste bud-tickling experience, you need to try Chicken Lababdar.

To create this dish, red chilli powder, turmeric, cumin, butter and cream are blended with a velvety cashew nut paste. The nutty delight is often served in the majority of Mughlai-inspired restaurants. "Lababdar" literally translates into "tremendously rich"- and that's the perfect description for this intensely flavoured curry!

2. Navratan Korma, Qumins

If you're looking for that perfectly spiced yet delightfully creamy meal, a Korma dish is your best bet. This saucy meal consists of meat or veggies smothered in a medium-thick sauce of yoghurt merged with a savoury assemblage of Indian spices. There's so much flavour in each plate that its powerful aroma will lure you in from across the room.

Navratan Korma is the veggie version even non-vegetarian can enjoy. A quick order from the award-winning Qumins Indian restaurant will get you some of the best Korma you'll ever taste - The Independent voted them the Best Curry House in the south-east for a reason, after all!

3. Honeymoon Chicken, Kadai & Naan

Haven't you always wondered about how this popular dish got its name? Supposedly, Honeymoon Chicken is so delicious that once it's tasted, it will inspire your partner to drop down onto one knee and propose right away! Myths aside, this golden crisped chicken dish is marinated in a delicious lemon and herb blend, and results in some of the tastiest, zestiest curried chicken around.

Kadai and Naan's Honeymoon Chicken might actually knock your partner onto one knee. Their choice of fresh and hard-to-find ingredients, such as marauti and timur, are what give their food that unique kick.

4. Makon Chicken, The Standard

There is nothing standard about The Standard! Fried in butter and then left to simmer in a thick and creamy sauce infused with almond and coconut flavours, their Makon Chicken defines the perfect balance between crispy and saucy.

Nothing complements sliced chicken breast better than a nutty, creamy sauce and some fragrant basmati rice. You don't want to pass this one up!

5. Khodu Saag, Malikas

This leaf-based dish is every vegetarian's dream. Malikas' version consists of a superb blend of spinach and sweet, sweet pumpkin. Chock-full of aromatic spices, this dish will surely make it on your list of favourites. Pair it with their mushroom rice for an extra dose of veggies, or the lemon rice for an added zing!

We've all heard that some of the best Indian restaurants around are in Liverpool, but if you're in Oxford, don't underestimate the power of Oxford curries. Don't worry, Deliveroo has you covered!

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