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National Burger Day: 17 Outrageously Good Burgers

National Burger Day: 17 outrageously good burgers

National Burger Day is here. To celebrate the biggest day in any foodie's calendar, we've rounded up 17 of the most decadent and delicious burgers across the UK – all available on Deliveroo.  

Warning: just reading this may induce the burger sweats.

1. The Veni-moo, Mac & Wild

It's a work of art 😍

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Voted the UK's Best Burger 2016, the 'Veni-moo' is a game changer. Rich venison and juicy beef patties are slathered in Béarnaise sauce and topped with candied bacon for ultimate indulgence.

Where: Mac & Wild, London

2. Dead Hippie, MEATliquor

#NationalBurgerDay is coming. 20% off all burgers at selected sites on August 25th with @mrhydeldn. #SaveTheDate 🍔🎉

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Satisfy your meat fetish with this cult cheeseburger from MEATliquor. Two French mustard-fried patties, perfectly-melted American cheese, and their trademarked secret sauce makes for burger perfection.

Where: MEATliquor Marylebone, LeedsBrighton, Bristol, Boxpark Croydon   

3. Scotch bonnet chilli burger, Coggings and Co.

Can you handle it hot? Then this spicy beef burger - complete with scotch bonnet chilli sauce and beef dripping - is sure to set your senses alight.

Where: Coggings & Co, Brighton

4. Jamie's Burger, GBK

Please insert your face here. #jamiesburger #GBK #special #forthosewhoknow #offmenu #ask #yeshallreceive #makeitso

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Created by the founder of National Burger Day, Jamie Kingler, this GBK special consists of a beef patty fried in fiery French mustard, Red Leicester cheese, and a spicy sriracha mayo for extra kicks. Try it now while you still can.

Where: Nationwide - find your nearest GBK on Deliveroo.

5. Waffle burger, BIRD

Saturday. Chicken & waffles. Hard to do it better than @toms_big_eats

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Slathered in sauce, there's never been a sweet and savoury combination like it. Like a good book, you won't be able to put it down.

Where: Bird, London

6. Smokestack burger, Grillstock

#midweek #meatfill coming at ya. #lockjaw #dirty #burger #foodporn

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Smoked for 18 hours, the pulled pork practically melts into this signature Smokestack burger from barbecue gods, Grillstock. Topped with house pickles and juke sauce for extra tang.

Where: Grillstock Bath, Leicester, Bristol 

7. Triple Nom, Almost Famous

The most talked-about burger joint of the north, Almost Famous does everything the American way - bigger and better. Loosen your belt and brace yourself for the meat fest that is their Triple Nom.

Where: Almost Famous Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool 

8. Luchador, Meat & Shake

This is the #Luchador come in to #watford #ealing or #tooting and try it out

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Like a burrito, but better. Meat & Shake's Mexican-inspired burger has salsa, jalapeños, Monterey Jack cheese, and nachos.

Where: Meat & Shake Watford, London

9. Cheesy Hog, Dirty Cow Burger

Burger, cheese, bacon… and Frazzles! This mouth-watering pork and beef monstrosity is delicious and not for the faint of heart.

Where: Dirty Cow Burger, Birmingham

10. The Truffle Shuffle, The Grazing Shed

The ultimate Sunday dinner #doublesmokeybeefstack #truffleshuffle

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Double beef, double cheddar, double smoked bacon, double chorizo - we're feeling lightheaded writing this - but it adds up to double the flavour.

Where: The Grazing Shed, Cardiff

11. The Big Kahuna, Hubbox

For those who like a challenge - two 4oz. patties, topped with pulled pork and Swiss cheese. This time, size matters.

Where: The Big Kahuna Exeter, Plymouth

12. Double cheeseburger, Bleecker Street

🍔 #nationalburgerday is this Thursday. This is not a drill! Photo c. @cwiss

A post shared by 🍔 bleecker (@bleeckerburger) on

One for the purists - a no-frills, no-fuss bonafide burger. Made with the very best quality beef, this classic patty will blow you away.

Where: Bleecker St, London

13. Yorkshire pudding burger, Handmade Burger Co.

Let's eat burgers and pretend it's Friday 🍔 #Friday #fresh #food #handmade #burgers #instafood #summer

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A Sunday roast in a burger. How aren't you ordering this already? Choose from beef and horseradish, lamb and mint or chicken and cranberry.

Where: Handmade Burger Co. Reading, Leicester, Southampton, Glasgow, Birmingham

14. Haché chicken club, Haché

There's a reason that the classics never go out of style, and Haché's take on the chicken club is legendary. With bacon, cheese and avocado.

Where: Haché, London

15. Beef burger, Galvin HOP

Our burgers at Galvin HOP are made with aged Cumbrian beef for an epic meaty experience...

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Are you all about the beef? Then this epic burger from Galvin HOP is for you. Made with aged Cumbrian beef and topped simply with salsa and crunchy salad, the meat does all the talking.

Where: Galvin HOP, London

16. Double Dirty Bacon Burger, Dirty Burger

Friday burgers taste better 😜 #fridayfeeling

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Slathered in their signature sauce, this double bacon burger is messy in all of the right ways. Dirty hands make for happy eating.

Where: Dirty Burger, London

17. Steak burger, Tommi's Burger Joint

Oooooh baby! #nofilter

A post shared by Sofia Bak (@sofiabak) on

Last, but certainly not least! These Icelandic burger buffs know a thing or two about beef - and their steak burger is a must-have tender treat.

Where: Tommi's Burger Joint, London

Order a burger to your door on Deliveroo, or find out more about Mr Hyde's National Burger Day.

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