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  2. Get schooled in spice - the origins of chipotle and the delicious dishes it's in
The origins of chipotle and the delicious dishes it's in

Get schooled in spice - the origins of chipotle and the delicious dishes it's in

Like chipotle but not exactly sure what the word means? Don't be embarrassed - teach yourself about it instead! There's nothing scary about it at all, it's simply smoke-dried jalapeño which can vary in terms of kick depending on the variety used. It's found primarily in Mexican and Mexican-inspired dishes, as that's where chipotle had its humble beginnings - long before even the ancient Aztecs were there! Luckily, you don't need to go that far geographically or historically to enjoy the stuff, because it can be found across top restaurants all over the UK and in delicious dishes of many kinds.

1. In Tacos

If you're thinking about Mexican food, it's likely that tacos are going to cross your mind. Tacos are full of all kinds of yummy ingredients crammed into a little shell (or quite literally, a "wad"), but they leave a big flavour impact with you. At London's Lupita, all the key components are there, including shredded and tender chicken breast in a tomato sauce with a gorgeous chipotle chilli. Add onions and spice and all these things nice will complete your taco.

2. In Dipping Sauces

Who needs bland and boring sauces when you can have something with a kick to dip into instead? A chipotle sauce is exactly what's needed to take your food to the next level. MOJO in Liverpool gets it, with their unique Mexican offerings like Corn Puppies. They blend so well in your mouth with the special chipotle dipping sauce on the side. So what is exactly is a corn puppy, anyway? It's just a corn-battered hot dog, simple - yet genius - as that. Oh they're truly incredible, we promise.

3. In Stuffed Veggies

For a real smokey spice special, you'll want to try chipotle stuffed inside its jalapeños, to really take it all back to where it all began. At La Choza in Brighton, they're bringing chipotle sauce back to its roots as part of their really special Hot Shots dish. Jalapeños are stuffed with cream cheese - to balance the spice a little - but they're then crumbed and fried with chipotle sour cream. There's a lot going on on your plate here, but that just adds to the excitement. This is the ultimate treat for people who live to be enlivened!

4. In Burritos

Burritos are a staple of Mexican food, packed full of everything that makes the cuisine so great. There's always room to cram even more into a dish already brimming with amazing ingredients, so it should be no surprise that chipotle works inside them. At Las Iguanas in Newcastle, beef is specially grilled before being shredded in a chipotle chilli sauce. You've got a double whammy here, because the rice is chipotle too - so the whole thing is twice as nice. (Or is it twice as spice?) Throw the essential extras in like coleslaw, cheese and refried beans and you've got yourself a brilliant burrito indeed!

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