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  2. Craving patatas bravas or some albondigas? Try these tasty morsels today
Craving patatas bravas? Try these tasty tapas today

Craving patatas bravas or some albondigas? Try these tasty morsels today

Check out any Spanish or Mexican restaurant's menu and chances are that you'll find a tantalising collection of tapas to enjoy. But if you're not absolutely up to speed with all the dishes it can be quite confusing working out what they all are. Some, like patatas bravas, are fairly obvious. But others, like the meatballs called albondigas, can be a little harder to fathom. Don't worry though - Deliveroo's here to point the way to some mouth-wateringly delicious dishes that you're sure to adore.

1. Tapas Bundle, All Bar One

A fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of tapas comes in the form of this "buenísimo" selection from All Bar One.  You can choose a selection of either three or five items from the Small Plates section of their menu and the tapas in question have a truly international flavour. For example, Spanish Iberico Ham Croquettas, Greek Lamb Koftas and Japanese Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Skewers are just a few of the mouthwatering selections waiting for you.

2. Grilled Goats Cheese & Chilli Jam, The Westbourne

There's a true symphony of flavours going on in these terrific tapas from The Westbourne in Swansea. It all starts with the crispy, toasted garlic bread that's spread with creamy goat's cheese, then sweet and sticky chilli jam adds a contrasting hint of heat as well as a fruity flavour. So if you've ever enjoyed a good old cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch just imagine one that's a hundred times more delicious.

3. Deliveroo Only Bundle, Soho Bar & Eatery

Those good people down at Cheltenham's Soho Bar & Eatery have put together a fantastic collection of tapas-style goodies that might also be the perfect starter before a good old American carb-fest.  There are Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings, Sticky Ribs, Chicken Goujons and Mini Sausages. So, while it might not be the most Spanish of tapas, it's all blooming tasty just the same – and you can only enjoy it by ordering through Deliveroo.

4. Pescado Rebozado, La Tasca

Here's a dish from La Tasca in Liverpool that might need a little translation. A succulent fillet of white fish is dipped in a special batter made from Alhambra Reserva beer and deep fried to crispy perfection. It's then served with aioli garlic mayonnaise and a wedge of fresh lemon. It also goes brilliantly with Pimientos de Padrón, pan-fried green chillies, if you fancy your chances - they're mainly mild but around one in every ten is super spicy!

5. Octopus Patatas, Tapas Barcelona

It's a city that runs on tapas so it's only right that our final suggestion comes from Tapas Barcelona. Tender pieces of octopus are served with classic patatas bravas and sprinkled with that most quintessential of Spanish spices, paprika. The result is a dish that's an absolute must for seafood fans!

So why not take a trip round the tantalising world of tapas and let Deliveroo be your expert guide?

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