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Order Deliveroo to the Park this Summer

Get Deliveroo to the park

You grab the spot, we'll bring the food you love to the park.

We're on a mission to connect you with great food wherever you are, so we're now bringing your Deliveroo favourites to parks all summer long. When the sun's out, there's no need to drag that cooler all the way to your local hotspot, because we'll bring the beers, BBQ, salads, smoothies and more to make sure you never miss a minute of sunshine. So put your shades on, pick up that suncream and head out to your local park.

Check out the links below for a full list of parks, meeting points and park-friendly foods to help you plan the perfect picnic. Plus, here are a few tips to help you order the hottest eats to the park this summer.

See our suggested meeting points in your local park

Read our guide to park-friendly foods

Here's how to get Deliveroo to a park near you

  1. Download or open the Deliveroo app for iOS or Android
  2. Enter your location
  3. Drop the delivery pin at the nearest park entrance
  4. Head over to a meeting point once you get a delivery notification, and meet your rider

How will I find my rider?

When your order's ready, you'll get a notification. Then all you need to do is head over to one of the designated meeting points that we've set up around the parks, say hi to your rider, collect your food, then tuck in. To make finding your rider a piece of cake, you'll find postcodes to each meeting point in all of our park guides. There's also a few simple directions and a handy map to help you get there.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and order Deliveroo to the park.

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