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Pad thai is rad thai in Cambridge

Pad thai is rad thai, but there are oodles more noodle dishes!

Thai food is amazing, but a lot of us are stuck in our ways. Despite the fact that there is an abundance of Thai takeaways out there in Cambridge, many of us just stick to what we know, time and time again.

Pad thai is insanely common, many of us just can't get enough of it. Crunchy, sweet, spicy and savoury, this dish is truly one that Thailand can take pride in.

But what about when you want to explore noodly new horizons? Across the Asian continent, you'll find delicious treats that work for you. From Vietnam to Japan, we're crossing the oceans to bring you the best in noodle taste sensations. We've chosen a few of them for you to order here, without having to move further than your front door!

1. Wagamama: Chilli Ramen (Sirloin Steak)

Steak is always a good choice, but when it's served with noodles and other good stuff, it's an amazing one. Wagamama, we salute you! Cooked to perfection, this Japanese dish has a real kick to it, thanks to the dynamic fresh chilli pieces that you'll find stirred in throughout. If steak isn't your thing, Wagamama even recently introduced an entire vegan menu, so you don't have to go without - look, they even have vegan pad thai, so there's that!

2. Pho: Pho Ga

Pho sells pho, believe it or not! This Vietnamese delicacy has made it all the way over to our shores, and it's no surprise, given how tasty it is. Noodles are cooked in a broth, almost like a soup, which makes all of the juicy bits filter down into the liquid. The broth is just as fragrant as the rest of it, which means there's flavour in every bite. None of that wishing you still had "the good bits" left at the end. It's aromatic, it's delicious, and the herbs give it a lovely finishing touch.

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3. Mee & I: Seafood Crispy Noodles

If you think noodles are always soft and slurpable, think again. Sometimes, they can be crispy, too! Mee and I are covering all bases - with noodles that are crispy until they magically melt under the heat. You could opt for ramen from this Asian establishment specialising in noodles, but the crispy texture gives noodles an entirely new dimension. Their seafood options are to die for, for lovers of all things "under the sea".

If you are in the mood for noodles, Deliveroo has plenty of places you can get your fix, right here, right now.

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