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  2. Why Brighton is the top-ranking city for an enchanting breakfast
Why Brighton is the top-ranking city for an enchanting breakfast

Why Brighton is the top-ranking city for an enchanting breakfast

A delicious breakfast fixes everything. Late night? Hangover? Long day ahead? Fix yourself right up with some of Brighton's most scrumptious breakfasts. From a French omelette to a sweet American waffle, Brighton is packed with eateries serving up top-notch morning dishes from the world's cuisines. Let us take you through the reasons you should be munching on a breakfast in the city this morning.

1. Loads of popular spots will deliver to your door

It's the weekend and you're ready to relax with a savoury meal that has a little more lux to it than usual… or should we say, lox? Nothing pairs with smoky salmon better than smooth cream cheese and a delicately delightful crepe wrapping. CrepeAffaire's Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Crepe not only has an impeccably satisfying texture, but also a strong aromatic flavour. This is one weekend choice you won't regret. And, thankfully, Deliveroo is there to bring this and others of the best and most popular breakfast choices straight to your door - so you won't have to leave the house for some of the tastiest food in town.

2. Fancy breakfast on the sweet side? Sorted.

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and we're in the mood for a sugary treat to get the day started. The dish perfectly suited to serve your sweet cravings is none other than Wafflemeister's Marshmallow Surprise Milk waffle. An original Liege waffle is sprinkled with soft, mushy mini-marshmallows, smothered in Belgian milk chocolate and topped off sprinkles. There's no need to worry about your endless desire for sugar when it comes to Brighton's deliciously sweet foods. The town offers everything you need for a quick and easy sugar fix to start your day!

3. Deals, deals, deals - for you and your partner

Remember, the couple that eats together, stays together. Fortunately, Brighton is chock-full of some truly indulgent breakfast deals perfect to share. Strengthen your bond with your loved one by having Pret A Manger's popular Breakfast for Two bundle. This freshly-prepared dish has two of every delicious component a breakfast can have - a French butter croissant, a five-berry fruit mix blended with creamy yoghurt and crunchy granola, a fruit salad and some freshly-squeezed orange juice. Waking up with family or roommates? You can upgrade this light but nourishing platter to the Breakfast for Four and have yourself some extra yummy additions that you could all enjoy before the day begins.

4. You can have breakfast any time of the day

Sometimes only the biggest, most delectable breakfasts can get us through what we're going through. Tough week, rough breakup, late night at work - sometimes the heartiest breakfast we can find is just about the only solution… even if it's the afternoon. Nothing will drag you out of bed quicker than the aroma of The Corner's All Day Breakfast platter. Enjoy some freshly toasted bread, topped with a free-range egg, peppery mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, succulent sausages and unsmoked bacon - all ready to be dipped into their saucy bowl of baked beans. The best part is, it's available any time of the day!

Explore Brighton's wondrous world of breakfast and let Deliveroo bring it right to your doorstep.

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