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  2. OK Sauce is taking over the UK and we aren’t complaining one bit
OK Sauce is taking over the UK and we aren’t complaining one bit

OK Sauce is taking over the UK and we aren’t complaining one bit

Every now and then a yummy new sauce travels far and wide and makes its way into local restaurants to drive people bonkers. This time, the spotlight is on a little-known classic condiment from the past: the one and only, OK Sauce. Although most supermarkets and grocery stores stopped selling the brown sauce decades ago, OK Sauce has become a feature of Asian, particularly Chinese and Cantonese cuisines. How crazy is that?

Surprisingly, OK Sauce is manufactured right here in the UK. It's made from a savoury blend of tomatoes, vinegar and tamarind, with sweet hints of molasses, dates, apples and raisins. The sauce is often mixed with aromatic spices and sometimes even anchovies. It's found drizzled over countless Asian takeaway dishes across the UK, so why haven't you heard of it? Let's take a look at the reasons why its popularity is soaring - and don't worry if you end up craving it by the end: we plan to bring these right to your door!

1. It complements chicken beautifully

OK Sauce is at its best when combined with the deep aroma of sizzling chicken. Wei Wei is one Chinese restaurant with an outstanding array of carefully spiced dishes using some of the most authentic Chinese spices. Their decadent Crispy Chicken in OK Sauce is the ultimate example of Wei Wei's expertise in the kitchen. Tender chicken coupled with the tint of sweetness drawn from their OK Sauce will give you the ultimate satisfaction you've been craving all day.

2. Vegans can eat it, too

There's nothing you can't smother in OK Sauce, so drizzling it all over a tasty tofu dish is certainly an option! Tease your vegan friends with Sweet Mandarin's Hot and Sticky Sweet Mandarin Cantonese OK Sauce Tofu: this dish is just as much of a mouthful as its name! Its perfect blend of herbs and spices gives off a tantalising aroma only to be beaten by the flavour once it hits your tongue. Sweet Mandarin specialises in creating its own toppings and the Hot and Sticky OK Sauce has become one of their most in-demand dishes. There's no better introduction to this top trend than through this spot's signature recipes.

3. It goes perfectly with fried foods...

Everyone has their own preference in beef dishes but, when it comes to Asian-style sizzling beef strips, few can resist that classically juicy, iconic choice. Top Chinese's Crispy Beef with OK Sauce is one of those dishes that'll leave you wanting more with every bite. And if you're feeling like they've already won you over, don't forget to check out their seafood, duck, beef, chicken, pork and lamb options - a carnivore's dream bucket list!

4. ...and with just about anything else

Last but certainly not least, you haven't had the real OK Sauce experience until you've smothered it over a never-ending, ridiculously diverse dumpling platter - and 23 Ocean Treasure's Superior Dim Sum Platter Combination is just the monstrous meal for the job. The shining star of their already eclectic menu, this dish contains a scrumptious variety of dumplings along with some yummy sides. It features their own unique crispy prawn, steamed prawn and siu mai dumplings, along with some succulent steak rolls smothered in OK Sauce, a side of seaweed and cuttlefish cake. Your tummy will thank you later for this energy-boosting flavourful dish.

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