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A Guide to Office Lunch Etiquette

Office lunch etiquette

Food should be about bringing people together, not driving a wedge between you and your co-workers. So for a harmonious working lunch – without passive aggressive notes slapped on the fridge, or scrubbing the microwave after a colleague's explosive curry – here are our top tips to help you dine peacefully at your desk.

We've also got some winning food ideas on Deliveroo that'll make you a legend in your lunch hour.

1.   Avoid divisive dishes

Remember, it's not just your lunch hour, your work mates need to eat too. So as much as you might want to nuke last night's leftover cod in the microwave, or crack open a tin of sardines, those lingering fishy dishes are a controversial choice in the office.

2.   Do suffer in silence

If your work mate does decide to bring in something that's not to your liking – like a microwaved batch of broccoli, or an equally pungent dish – don't comment and embarrass them. Do the typically British thing instead and scorn silently to yourself, then let them enjoy their lunch!

3.   Put a lid on it

Don't leave the communal microwave looking like a Jackson Pollock painting. No one wants to scrub off your splattered cream of tomato soup, so if you're heating something up then pop a lid on it.

4.   Stay on top of your fridge admin

Never leave food to fester in the fridge. Remember what you brought to the office and clean it out when the time comes – your work mates won't want to excavate the veg draw to find their bag of salad.

5.   Tidy up

It's not the Masterchef kitchen, so you don't need three bowls and a whisk to reheat last night's leftovers. If you are cooking up a storm, don't leave your team's kitchen looking like you've just catered for a banquet.

6.   Keep it clean

Who doesn't enjoy a beast of a burrito for lunch? But a path of guacamole that's starts from your desk is going to give the game away when someone wonders how the contents of a Mexican feast have made it onto their laptop in a meeting.

7. Don't be a microwave hog

You're not going to earn your Michelin star at work (unless you work in a kitchen of course). So leave the three course meal prep for when you get home, and give someone else a chance in the kitchen.

8.  If it's not yours, leave it

"You threw my sandwich away? My sandwich?!" Friends fans might remember Ross' great sandwich trauma at work. Well, this has got to be the golden rule of office etiquette – never pinch your mate's packed lunch!

9.   Be the office hero

Sharing is caring, so why not order in for you and a few mates? You can dine at your desk in style, avoid all the kitchen politics and set some serious food goals for other teams in the office.

Whether you're dining solo at your desk, getting the snacks in for the team, or would rather eat al fresco than 'al desko', check out all the awesome lunches you can order on Deliveroo.

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