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5 Greek Dishes You Need to Try ASAP

5 Greek dishes you need to try ASAP

Over the last few years traditional, healthy Greek food has become increasingly popular throughout the United Kingdom.

Still, there may be a chance that you are sticking to Greek dishes you've heard of like kebabs rather than branching out and sampling everything this Eastern Mediterranean country's cuisine has to offer. Here we've found five of the best dishes available around the UK right now for you to try.

1. Moussaka, Christakis Greek Taverna

The meals at Christakis Greek Taverna will have you literally dancing in the streets as entertainment and delicious recipes come together to create one of the best dining experiences in Liverpool. Packed with aubergines, courgettes, potatoes, béchamel sauce and mincemeat, Christakis' most popular dish is most probably the traditional moussaka. Alternatively, anything from their grill is absolutely delicious.

Where: Christakis Greek Taverna, Liverpool

2. Souvlaki Kalamaki, Kalamaras Greek Taverna

Ever since Kalamaras Greek Taverna was first established in 1966, the restaurant has remained a favourite amongst locals, tourists and even celebrities. In fact, the Beatles, Mick Jagger, Dusty Springfield and Peter Sellers are just some of the stars who have visited the venue to enjoy glorious Greek food. Of their many dishes, the souvlaki kalamaki is probably one the most successful. Cooked on a charcoal barbeque, this dish is made up of tender pork pieces marinated in lemon sauce and served with rice.

Where: Kalamaras Greek Taverna, London

3. Baklava, Mr Nick's Greek Kitchen

For the health-conscious foodies out there, few places can compete with Mr Nick's delicious yet diet-friendly dishes. In fact, we even named it our number one destination in all of Leith. If you're joining them for lunch, the chefs will prepare fresh Greek and Dakos salads, or an authentic Moussaka with beef, aubergines and potatoes. Their most popular dish though is their homemade baklava with delectable pastry, fruits and syrup that they will tailor to your taste.

Where: Mr Nick's Greek Kitchen, Leith

4. Tonia's Filoxenia, The Real Greek

At The Real Greek, each recipe is inspired by the delicious Mediterranean cuisine and the traditional food that helped ancient heroes like Alexander the Great conquer the world. The number of dishes on their menu cannot be matched, with numerous cold, hot and grilled meze plates and platters. Of all the dishes, Tonia's Filoxenia is probably the most popular and adventurous. Created for two, this sharing platter comes with sixteen different options including prawn saganaki, gigandes plaki and lamb meatballs.

Where: The Real Greek, London

5. Corn-Fed Chicken Suvlaki Wrap, Suvlaki

At Suvlaki, everything is authentic to the point where even the co-founders were born in Athens and the head chef is none other than Elias Mamalakis himself. A particularly popular option at the traditional restaurant is their corn-fed chicken Suvlaki wrap, which is served with pickled cabbage, lettuce and mustard mayonnaise. If you don't think the wrap will be enough to keep you going, don't worry as sides include Greek salad, chickpea salad, Cretan salad and fresh chips with oregano.

Where: Suvlaki, London

We've only just scratched the surface of delicious traditional Greek dishes – for even more options check out the other options on Deliveroo.

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