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Deliciously Messy Dishes On Deliveroo

Pass the napkin: 5 deliciously messy dishes on Deliveroo

There's a place for fancy tablecloths and cheery waiters, but there's also a place for the unashamedly messy. Sometimes you're just in the mood to dive in fork – or fingers – first, and eat. Leave your smart white shirt in the wardrobe, skip the lipstick, things are gonna get messy.

We've rounded up a few of our favourites for when the mood calls.

1. BBQ Beef Short Rib, Joe's Southern Table

There's always a chance that when you're eating ribs, you're going to end with a Joker-style-smile of barbecue sauce. And that'll probably happen over at Joe's. The Jacob's Ladder cut rack of ribs here are marinated and cooked for 16 hours until the meat is falling off the bone.

Smothered in sauce, these ribs are bursting with all the classic American barbecue aromas – smoky, sweet and moreish. What the meat gains from its long, slow journey to your door is layers of flavour and a melt-in-the-mouth texture.  

Where: Joe's Southern Table, London

2. The Stack, Gourmet Burger Kitchen

This is a burger that takes some eating. GBK love to fill their burgers with extras for a full on-taste sensation, and The Stack is a masterclass in additions. Take one prime grass-fed beef burger and layer it up with no less than seven additional toppings to create a tower of savoury deliciousness – including goodies like gooey cheese, onion rings, spicy grilled chorizo and a smoky mayo dressing.

Where: Gourmet Burger Kitchen, various locations

3. Grilled Chicken Burrito, Tortilla

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The folks at Tortilla know how to pack a lot of punch into their burritos. Keep your napkin handy as you tuck into the soft flour tortilla loaded with adobo-marinated chicken, which has been carefully chargrilled for that amazing smoky flavour. You can choose whether to pair your chicken with tasty beans, rice, peppers and onions, but whatever you pick they'll still find space for salsa, cheese and sour cream.

Where: Tortilla, various locations

4. XXXL Pit Smoked BBQ Wings, Red's True Barbecue

The self-styled 'pitmasters' at Red's are all about the old school barbecue flavours. They give their XXXL wings the VIP treatment with a full two hours smoking time before they're cooked and served up with three different levels of spice. Pick the Unholy wings if you like yours mild, the Red's Buffalo for medium heat and the Devil Wing for the ultimate spicy kick. Get ready to get sticky.

Where: Red's True Barbecue, various locations

5. Phoenix Fries, Almost Famous

The guys at here know a thing or two about rustling up some awesome American eats. We love their Phoneix Fries for a real messy treat, topped with three bacon goodies – Frazzle dust, bacon rain and their house special 'bacon bacon mayo'. And it's not over yet. Once the fries are fully loaded with bacon three ways, they drizzle on their Redneck BBQ sauce and scatter with onions and red chillies for that burst of flavour.

Where: Almost Famous, various locations

Get messy with these amazing dishes delivered to you by Deliveroo.

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