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Mediterranean dishes that will bring back those fresh summery vibes

Some dishes know exactly how to give you that fresh summer feeling all over again, and that's something we could all use as winter quickly approaches! Each season brings about its own special feeling, but summer has a unique, warm nature to it that we look forward to all year.

Explore some of London's best Mediterranean cuisine and bring those tranquil beachside vibes right to your home!

1. Halloumi Burger, Mildreds

Halloumi is a growingly famous semi-hard white cheese that is a staple in many Mediterranean countries, from Greece to Lebanon. Mildreds is where the East meets the West and it produces one of the tastiest fusions around! Their melt-in-your-mouth Halloumi burger features this springy, delicious cheese with every juicy bite.

Known for their high-quality, organic and fresh vegetarian & vegan menu, even devout carnivores will find themselves seduced by Mildreds' filling, savoury dishes.

2. Spanakotyropites, Kalamaras Greek Taverna

These mini spinach and feta cheese-filled pies are bite-sized gateways to summer afternoons in Mykonos. It comes either as in a puff or filo pastry and can also be stuffed with scallions, eggs and sprinkled with seasoning. This savoury pastry makes for the perfect appetizer as a starter to your favourite Greek dish.

The best place to find these little pieces of heaven is at Kalamaras Greek Taverna, one of London's must-try Greek restaurants. Its menu offers you some of the most unique, nutritious and authentic flavours from Greece!

3. Lamb Kofte, Soul Flame

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Among the most widely embraced foods in Mediterranean cuisine are kofte kebab dishes. Kofte is a diverse family of meatball dishes, where meat, mostly lamb or beef, is rubbed with a delicious blend of spices, then grilled for the utmost taste. They're often served with either rice or Arabic flatbreads, like pita or khobez, and topped off with tahini, garlic cream sauce and crunchy pickles.

Soul Flame is the place to check out if you're looking to grab some hot and fresh lamb kofte wraps on the go! This little piece of Anatolian fine dining reflects centuries of exquisite and authentic Turkish cuisine.

4. Charred Cauliflower, Strut and Cluck

Cauliflower is among the most underrated of veggies, that's for sure. If you're not a fan, you probably never had them cooked in this homely, flavourful Mediterranean way.

Small chunks of cauliflower are spiced in a zesty blend of herbs, and heavily charred on a barbecue grill until golden & crispy. Try these smoky veggies by ordering from Strut and Cluck for a mouth-watering experience. Take an even deeper journey into the rich Eastern Mediterranean heritage by sinking your teeth into some of their home-cooked and fragrantly spiced seafood dishes, too!

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