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Vegetarian Curries in Cardiff, Exeter, Lincoln and London

Got Beef? Not With These Veggie Curries, You Won't!

When it comes to a good curry, the secret's in the spice. That means that a curry has the potential to be absolutely great, regardless of whether it's got meat in it or not. If you prefer the latter - the "or not" in this situation - you'll be pleased to know that vegetarian takeaway offers some amazing vegetarian curries these days, so you won't have to go without heat this winter.

You're literally spoiled for choice - incredible vegetables, pulses like lentils, herbs and spices can all be used instead of meat. From Lebanese to Thai, Indian to Chinese, there'll be dishes you can try. So what's your excuse?

1. Gang Galee Fak Tong

Who needs meat when you have pumpkin and white radish? Trust, it's to die for. The Thai House in Cardiff has a way with veg... kind of like the vegetable whisperers, if you will. This Thai dish, Gang Galee Fak Tong, uses the fundamental yellow paste to create an aromatic dish with a coconut taste that even non veggies wouldn't turn their nose up at!

2. Gaeng Daeng with Mock Duck (Very Hot!)

Lincoln's own Thailand No.1 offers up this delicious dish that can be made completely vegetarian, and what's more, it's gluten free, too. Despite using a red curry paste, don't be fooled - Gaeng Daeng is deceivingly hot, so it's not for the faint of heart. Luckily, though, you won't have to panic about accidentally eating meat, as there's a mock duck option. With aromatic herbs stirred through it, vegetarians won't be missing out!

3. Dal Lentil Curry

Lentils are an amazing source of protein, so anyone who thinks that vegetarians don't get enough of the stuff need to think again. Not only that, but guess what? They're delicious. Peckham's Ganapati knows the score, and you don't need to tell them twice. The beauty of Indian cuisine is that you can have a little bit of everything and it won't be seen as greedy. So, even though this lentil curry is served as a side dish, that just leaves you free to order more food, glorious food!


4. Vegetable Biryani Curry

Aromatic... fragrant... spicy... it's everything you could want in a curry (if you can handle it). Curry Leaf in Exeter have their own twist on this classic dish, where rice is blended with a special masala and more spices than you can shake a stick at. It's baked under a flaky crust and served with pickle and raita, for that finishing touch.

You won't have any beef with us, either, when you see just how many vegetarian choices you have, up and down the country. Why not order today? Right here on Deliveroo.

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