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  2. Meet jackfruit - your new favourite meat substitute
Meet jackfruit, your new favourite meat substitute

Meet jackfruit - your new favourite meat substitute

Vegetarian or vegan? Sick of trying hundreds of manufactured substitutes? It's time for you to meet the jackfruit. It's a species of tree, in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family, originally found in southwest India. Their juicy texture and succulent taste make them a great alternative to meat. From curries to burritos and beef to duck, this fruit is slowly taking on everyone of your favourite, and often meat inspired, cuisines. Veggie cuisine is rapidly evolving, and it's not difficult to find lots of inspirational dishes sans meat. We've found some of the best dishes in which jackfruit has stepped in for meat.

1. Chicken and Blues' Pulled Jackfruit

Home to mama's award-winning chicken, Chicken and Blues know their way around a spice rack. Though they're the UK's answer to a 'posh chicken shop', they're not just catering for meat eaters. Their Pulled Jackfruit Wrap substitutes pulled pork for jackfruit, but still maintains heaps of juicy flavours. Chefs discovered the fruit acts similarly to a lot meats, when roasted or stewed for many hours. Likewise, the fruit absorbs flavours and spices, and so you don't need chicken or pork to get that tender texture rapped in taste.

2. Indian Temptation's Jackfruit Curry

Indian Temptation have a wealth of vegan and vegetarian dishes, you can even order the Vegan Thali and try a selection of there meat-free curries. With a world of Indian cuisine, the Kathal Kebab is the restaurant's rich and tender jackfruit curry. The fruit is marinated with Indian spices and touched with tandoori masala before cooking. Adding jackfruit to curries provides the texture of meat, and is a different alternative to chickpea based curries, which are usually a vegan's first choice.

3. The Duck & Jackfruit give you the choice

As the name suggests, The Duck & Jackfruit, serves all of their dishes with either duck or jackfruit. The owners, previously known as Whacky Duck, adore shredded duck but recently decided to introduce jackfruit as a vegan alternative. There are burritos, sushi and waffles, and it's up to you to decide whether to add shredded duck or shredded jackfruit. Their Jack and Savoury Bubble Waffle is an exciting alternative to your traditional shredded duck wrap. There are other meat substitutes that provide equal nutrients and flavour, and it's worth staying up to date with these culinary trends, as there are some exciting vegan choices on offer.

4. Illegal Jack's Tex-Mex Jackfruit

Burritos, fries and nachos are Illegal Jack's bag. Since 2009, the restaurant has brought Edinburgh experimental twists on some Tex-Mex absolute classics. They've discovered that the fruit may be a better option for cooking than other mince substitutes. Their Jackfruit Carnitas is made up of a barbecued jackfruit chilli and topped with tortilla chips. If you thought you'd been missing out on nachos, you're in for a treat!

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