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Mac And Cheese: 5 Amazing Twists

5 amazing twists on mac and cheese

Mac and cheese has achieved such cult status, the thought of throwing another ingredient into the mix is almost blasphemous. But when was adding bacon, pulled pork or even a whole burger to something ever a bad thing? Never!

Now, let's have a gander at some of the more eccentric macs about…

1. 'The Kanye Western' Mac and Cheese, Anna Mae


It's a hard life on the road, unless, that is, you're Anna Mae and you're rolling around in a food truck/mac n' cheese machine. Spreading the message that 'Cheesus loves you' with pimped-up mac attacks like the 'Kanye Western', Annie Mae's is one food truck that's worth running after.

Eat it at: You'll find Anna Mae's oh-so-good mac 'n' cheese parked up on streets around London.

2. Lobster Mac And Cheese, Hawksmoor


Hot dangalang, Hawksmoor's Lobster Mac 'N' Cheese is the Solange Knowles of their menu – the alternative choice to Beyonce's mainstream 'steak', but she's certainly individual and she's gotta helluva lotta flava.

Eat it at: One of Hawksmoore's London or Manchester restaurants.

3. The Mac Daddy, Dirty Bones


What makes a good thing a great thing? Shoving it in a burger, of course! Meet the 'Mac Daddy', a downright decadent offering from Dirty Bones. It's a big ol' bun filled with a 6oz patty, pulled beef short rib and a slathering of mac n' cheese.

Eat it at: Pitch up at Dirty Bones in Kentish Town or Kensington – or get it delivered.

4. Madcap Mac And Cheese Pie, Rabot 1745


Let's talk about Rabot 1745's madcap mac n' cheese pie, adorned with celeriac puree, leeks and mushrooms, and encased in cacao nib pastry. So yeah, not only is it held in the palm of a pastry shell, the pastry itself is sort of chocolate. Get the white chocolate mash as a side and proclaim yourself totally balmy and very confused, but overwhelmingly contented.

Eat it at: Borough Market

5. Mac 'N' Cheese Deep Fried Bites, MEATliquor


Let's get handheld with MEATliquor's mac n' cheese deep fried bites. Pretty self explanatory and totally genius creations, these little tykes combine crispy, breadcrumbed outers with almost obscenely gooey innards. Hello.

Eat it at: Your nearest MEATliquor (London, Brighton, Leeds). Or from your sofa.

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