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Pizza Toppings: 11 of the Best in London

Pizza toppings: 11 of the best in London

We recently brought you our guide to seven of London's best pizzas. Well, we hope you've saved some room because here's our next course of amazing pizzerias and taste bud tingly toppings that you can find in the capital. And if you can't wait to sink your teeth into a slice, check out which pizza joints are cooking up a storm on Deliveroo in your area.

1. Marinara, Quartieri

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When simple's done right, it's perfection. The Marinara from Quartieri epitomises uncomplicated pizza done properly, with a topping of Casa Marazzo tomatoes, Sulmona garlic, extra virgin olive oil and oregano. That's it – just amazing ingredients cooked by the pros, for a taste of Naples on a plate.

Where: Quartieri, Kilburn

2. Arianna, Zia Lucia

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Good dough comes to those who wait. That's certainly the case for the pizza chefs at Zia Lucia who ferment their dough slowly for 48 hours before topping it with mozzarella, fresh sausage, taleggio cheese, pecorino, truffle honey and olive paté to make their Arianna. For a touch of added drama on your Instagram, you can even get this pizza on a vegetable charcoal base.

Where: Zia Lucia, Holloway Road

3. Beatrice, Mamma Dough

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Mamma Dough shares their love of all things food with their suppliers, making sure they source as much of their seasonal veggies and ingredients from local producers. To sample their unbeatable fresh produce, take a bite of the Beatrice – tomato, mozzarella with feta, pine nuts and butternut squash. Summer in a slice.

Where: Mamma Dough, Brixton, Peckham and Brockley

4. This Little Piggy Had BBQ, Pizza Storm

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Pizza purists are bound to convert from a classic Neapolitan-style slice with This Little Piggy Had BBQ on the menu. Pizza Storm has traded the traditional cheese and tomato base for BBQ sauce, then topped it with mozzarella, pulled pork, roasted onions and peppers. Perfect for when you're torn between pizza and pit meats.

Where: Pizza Storm, Wandsworth

5. Pizza Americana, Bar Remo

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This family-run Italian has been serving happiness by the slice for over 90 years. For a pizza that's a little more picante, Bar Remo's Pizza Americana is the one. Think spicy salami and chillies perfectly balanced with creamy fior di latte mozzarella.

Where: Bar Remo, Mayfair

6. Pizza con Il Tartufo, Bocconcino

Far from your average pizza delivery, the hugely popular Bocconcino is a winner amongst the Italian aficionados of Mayfair. If you like your pizzas extra decadent, then the Pizza con Il Tartufo tops creamy mozzarella with flakes of shaved black truffle and a luxurious drizzle of truffle oil.

Where: Bocconcino, Mayfair

7. The Meaty One with Tomato Base, SEVEN

SEVEN's sourdough is left to do its thing for at least 20 hours, to ensure a perfectly bubbly base on each pizza. Staying true to pizza's roots in Naples, the chefs keep it simple when crafting their dough, using just Italian flour, salt and water. And when the dough's this good, the toppings get to shout that bit louder, like on The Meaty One – a slightly less traditional combination of chorizo, sausage meat and peri-peri chicken.

Where: SEVEN, Harrow

8. Boscaiola, Sacro Cuore

Keeping it traditional, Sacro Cuore's pizza takes your taste buds on a trip to Naples, with premium Italian ingredients and a perfectly charred crust every time. A must-try from these pizza perfectionists is the Boscaiola, which combines tomato and mozzarella with prosciutto cotto ham, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and fragrant basil.

Where: Sacro Cuore, Kensal Rise

9. Courgette, Wild Garlic Pesto, Mozzarella, Thyme and Feta Pizza, 400 Rabbits

Voted as one of the best pizzas in London by Time Out, 400 Rabbits' 48 hour slow rise sourdough bases are the perfect platform for seasonal toppings. Take this creamy courgette number, which swaps the classic tomato for pure mozzarella. Topped with aromatic wild garlic pesto, feta and thyme, this pizza springs into summer.

Where: 400 Rabbits, Crystal Palace and Dulwich

10. Ndjua, THEO's

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THEO''s is another firm favourite with Time Out London. Their traditional wood fired bases have earned them a reputation (as has their fiery chilli sauces!), and they're best sampled with a slice of the Ndjua – peppery soppressata, with mozzarella on a tomato base.

Where: THEO's, Camberwell

11. Pizza con Salsiccia, Funghi e Olio al Tartufo, Osteria Basilico

Osteria Basilico does rustic, Italian home cooking that's a huge hit with Notting Hill pizza fans. Their Pizza con Salsiccia, Funghi e Olio al Tartufo combines hearty Italian sausage, mushrooms and rich, earthy truffle oil – a winner for when the British weather takes a turn for the worse

Where: Osteria Basilico, Notting Hill

Whether you're planning a pizza party or taking your taste buds on a solo trip to Naples, you'll find  London's best pizza places on Deliveroo.

If this has given you an appetite for more amazing pizza, there's plenty more London pizzerias to discover.

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