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  2. Not Just Late Night Food: Reclaiming the Kebab
Not Just Late Night Food: Reclaiming the Kebab

Not Just Late Night Food: Reclaiming the Kebab

For most people, the humble kebab - maybe together with pizza - is the marker of the end of a long night in the pub. You smother it in garlic and chilli sauce and drunkenly eat it whilst you walk home, not paying too much attention to the sauce dripping down your chin.

However, the Middle Eastern dish has been misrepresented by Brits on the town, and we're here to reclaim its glory by bringing you six kebab dishes that will make you want to skip the after-pub elephant leg and have a real kebab instead.

1. Levante Mediterranean - Lamb Beyti Kebab

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Lamb Beyti consists of ground lamb served with Lavash (an Iranian flatbread), and topped with tomato sauce and yoghurt. The original was conceived by Beyti Guller, the owner of Beyti in Istanbul, and used lamb fillet. It was then translated into minced lamb as it became a popular dish and translated to street food. Our choice of restaurant to enjoy this dish in London is Levante Mediterranean.

2. Soul Flame - Shashlik

Shashlik means skewered meat, and unlike shish, it is larger pieces of meat, and sometimes skewered with vegetables. The shashlik at Soul Flame in Putney is made from Rib Eye lamb and served with salad, rice or bulgar with chargrilled vegetables on the side.

3. Lokma - Adana Kofte

Adana is a spicy minced meat kebab from the south of Turkey, and is traditionally served hot from the charcoal grill. Kofte refers to ground meat which is marinated overnight to bring out maximum flavour. At Lokma, it's served on a skewer with salad and rice. They even have an extensive cocktail menu so it might be a boozy affair after all. Lokma is a stone's throw away from Tower Bridge, so you could have a picturesque evening walk after your kebab.

4. Ye Olde Turk - Ye Olde Mixed Kebab

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Ye Olde Mixed Kebab shares a namesake with its restaurant, and has nothing to do with how long it has been marinated for. In your Ye Olde Mixed Kebab you'll find lamb shish, chicken shish and adana kofte, and whilst it isn't strictly Turkish, you'll also find some chicken wings. Don't worry if you feel as though that's too much meat and not enough green as it is all served with salad and rice and can be mopped up with Turkish flatbread.

5. The Meze - Chicken Shish

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There's no wonder that the chicken shish is popular at The Meze, it's up there with fish and chips as a national food, and just reading The Meze's menu has our collective mouth watering. The Meze use their own secret marinade to ensure that the chicken is flavourful and juicy before grilling it to perfection on their charcoal grill and served on a tortilla with The Meze's special salad. Save us a bite!

6. Sadaf - Chelo Kebab Koobideh

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It's a bit of a mouthful to pronounce, so you might want to order this one before you start drinking. "Chelo kebab" literally means white rice with kebab, so there won't be any surprises when your food arrives, and "koobideh" refers to the ground beef used in the kebab. This Persian restaurant doesn't hold back on the spices, so expect incredible Middle Eastern flavour in every bite. They're also renowned for their huge portions, so make sure you're super hungry so that you don't have to share with your mate!

Why not skip the kebab shop on the way home and order from Deliveroo instead? You'll be at home and toasty before your food arrives!

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