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  2. London’s must-try Japanese street food will have you craving more
London’s Must-Try Japanese Street Food

London’s must-try Japanese street food will have you craving more

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of Asian cuisine or it's your first time dabbling in Japanese fare, new restaurant recommendations can end up saving your night!  

London boasts some truly exquisite dining -  let's face it, there aren't many places in the world where you can order home delivery from a Michelin-starred restaurant in the comfort of your pyjamas!

If you're checking out the latest trends in Japanese street food, you might just end up ordering from the wrong place, or trying out the wrong dish. Don't ruin the experience for yourself. Consider our recommendations instead!

1. Chicken Kara-Age, Tanakatsu

Kara-age is a Japanese cooking technique in which pieces of chicken are marinated, dusted in seasoned wheat flour, and then deep-fried in oil. In short, it's the ultimate way to prepare crispy yet oh-so-tender fried chicken.

To discover some of the most flavourful chicken kara-age in London, you must give Tanakatsu a try! This Japanese restaurant is a triple threat as it serves three of the UK's most cherished East Asian dishes: sushi, katsu, and teriyaki.

2. Black Sesame Ice Cream, Kin

If you're familiar with different varieties of Asian desserts, you may have sampled some green tea or red bean ice cream, but one particular delight that is a bit harder to find in your everyday Japanese restaurant is black sesame ice-cream. Perhaps the tastiest of Japan's hidden gems, this black-specked scoop has a unique nutty flavour reminiscent of halva, and a playfully creamy texture that will make you fall in love.

Kin offers you the creamiest of this seldom-found Japanese ice cream. You can find all sorts of simple authentic dishes at this street-food joint known for its high-quality produce. They even have a family-owned, local Japanese dessert-maker that creates a variety of ice-cream flavours, including coconut and ginger-spice.

3. Salmon Teriyaki Wrap, Mori

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There's nothing like freshly broiled salmon glazed in a classic teriyaki sauce, topped with the freshest ingredients and enveloped in a soft tortilla wrap. It's the perfect lunch for those lazy Sundays

You haven't tried a good salmon teriyaki wrap until you've had it at Mori. Their signature addition of pomegranate and their own special in-house sauce gives this savoury wrap a unique kick. Couple it with a warm bowl of their spicy edamame and your tummy will thank you for the rest of the day!

4. Japanese Korokke, Izakaya

The traditional French croquette met Japanese cuisine in 1887, morphing it into its very own deep-fried delicacy. These bite-size morsels of mashed potatoes are mixed with chopped seafood, meat or veggies. They're then rolled in wheat, flour, eggs and crispy Japanese breadcrumbs and deep-fried for its golden bronze colour

These are a must-try from Finchley's Izakaya Japan. Their fresh fish selection will have you smiling with every bite, and their sushi rolls are just to-die-for!

5. Salmon Beetroot Dragon Roll, Zushi

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Nothing gives you a taste of Japanese cuisine better than trying out the endless combinations of sushi rolls in town. Zushi's Salmon Beetroot Dragon Roll mixes mouth-watering salmon sashimi with the exotic Japanese pickle, fukujinzuke, beetroot (of course), and cucumber. To add to its palatability, it's topped with more salmon and creamy mayo.

Known for its hot Donburi dishes and its colourful array of creative, unique and high-quality sushi, Zushi guarantees a full-blown Japanese cuisine experience from the comfort of your own home!

6. Beef Wagyu Sashimi Pizza, Kobe Burger

In this day and age, you're bound to run into the most creative duets between exotic cuisines and Western culture. Enter the beef wagyu sashimi pizza from Kobe Burger. The amount of healthy fats in this Japanese beef gives it its soft and buttery texture, and when cut into thick and luscious sashimi slices, this creates the perfect topping for a Japo-Western delicacy.

If you're looking for the best Japanese-flavoured meats you'll ever have, Kobe Burger is the place for you.

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