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5 London Food Markets To Liven Up Your Lunch Hour

5 London food markets to liven up your lunch hour

Ain't no problem can't be improved by a damn fine lunch. Make yours a street food wonder and combine it with a little mosey about a lovely market, and you've got yourself a winner.

Here are a few of the best weekday food markets to jazz up your day and make your colleagues hella jealous.

1. Kerb @ Camden Market

Legendary street food connoisseurs Kerb brighten up lunch breaks across London. Handily timed on almost-weekend-vibes Thursday, and peddling a great variety of cuisines, expect to see such foodie stalls as The Beafsteaks and Olli Baba's Hummus Elevator. If you're near Camden, you can even get their delicious street eats delivered to your desk. Choose from the likes of Burger and Beyond and Baba G's.

2. Berwick Street Market, Soho


A Soho institution, Berwick Street Market's street food, fruit and veg and artisan stalls are perfect for a potter about. The fact that it's open from 9am to 6pm Monday – Saturday makes it London's answer to a shot of culture, bustle and munch to break up any day of the week. Get your mitts on amazing falafel, pizza, burritos and more.

3. Whitecross Market, Old Street

Situated between Old Street and Fortune Street, Whitecross Market fills a side street with a fantastic array of lunchie options, from Eat My Pies (thanks, we will) to Sawadee curry and Hoxton Beach falafel. It's open Monday – Friday, so say BYE to mediocre lunchin' and go from lunch-off to luncheON.

4. Bloomsbury Farmers Market @ Torrington Square


If you happen to work in the Bloomsbury area, Thursdays are going to overtake Fridays as THE BEST DAY EVER. Amble down to Torrington Square and stock up on pasta from Seriously Italian and baked goods from Cake Hole, as well as paella, suckling pig, curries and more.

5. Borough Market

The classic choice for food market-dwellers, Borough Market's sheer volume of toppity top notch vendors means it always comes up trumps. Open for lunch Monday – Tuesday, with the full market opening Wednesday – Sunday, you'll never be out of a scotch egg, exotic meat burger, salami, artisan olive oil or gluten-free brownie. Thank heavens.

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