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  2. These creative crusts are perfect for a unique pizza night in!
Three Unique and Creative London Pizza Crusts

These creative crusts are perfect for a unique pizza night in!

Everyone knows that the ultimate party food of all time is pizza: it's the one-and-only gooey, cheesy dish favoured by millions! Switch it up tonight by trying some of London's craziest pizza crusts!

Having a pizza party with your best mates occasionally requires some creativity! Just when you think you've had it all, the culinary geniuses of the world come up with the craziest ways to enjoy your pizza. Try these hidden gems and turn your night around!

1. Charcoal Dough Base, Zia Lucia

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Zia Lucia's striking charcoal base doesn't just give it a dramatically charred look and evocative flavour – the activated charcoal also has a detoxifying component that's actually healthy for you!

This homey pizzeria carefully and meticulously crafts your pizza from start to finish. Their soft and scrumptious dough is slowly fermented over 48 hours and baked in a handcrafted wooden fire oven until the crust reaches a perfect balance between crispy and doughy.

Adamant on its nutrition benefits, Zia Lucia offers its customers a variety of other crusts – the fibre-rich and fragrant wholemeal crust, its crispy and delicate gluten-free crust, and the classic traditional crust. Top it all off with some of their rich buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil and mushrooms, and pair it with a chilled glass of white wine and have the full Napoli experience right at home!

2. Green Base Pizzas, Crust Bros

Who says pizza isn't healthy? Pizza crusts can now be infused with powdered spinach, kale or zucchini to nourish your body as you sink your teeth in its cheesy goodness. Crust Bros has the hook-up, even for the vegetarian and vegan pizza-lovers out there!

Eat your greens by indulging in a scrumptious veggie-based pizza available, like their Green Pizza topped with a yummy bright pesto sauce. Crust Bros' pizzas are placed in a 500-degree oven that allows the cheese to bubble and the various herb flavours to be infused into the dough, making for the most flavourful pizza experience possible!

3. Lebanese Pizzas (Manakeesh), The Cedar

Alright, while this isn't technically a traditional pizza, we just had to include it! Manakeesh, or Lebanese pizza as it's being dubbed, has a thin and soft khobez base typically topped with an aromatic blend of spices, cheese or ground meat. The Cedar takes it just a bit further – not only do they produce their pizzas with cruelty-free meats and fresh ingredients, they imaginatively intertwine this traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist.

Their Kishek Lebanese pizza might just end up your favourite. They mix fresh yoghurt with crumbled wheat powder, onions, tomatoes and olive oil. Once you try this mouth-watering creation, it'll come as no surprise that Lebanese pizzas are starting to spread like wildfire!

If you want a creative twist to your pizza and movie night, London's craziest crusts can be brought to you right at home by Deliveroo.

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