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5 Lip-Tingling Pasta Dishes Full Of Chilli

Lip-Tingling Pasta Dishes That Pack A Punch Of Spice

Italian cuisine remains one of the most popular choices in the UK, with families and friends across the country enjoying Italian takeaways each week. Those looking to step up their game and sample bolder flavours as part of their 2018 New Year's resolutions should check out these five spicy pasta dishes that can be delivered to your front door:

1. Tagliatelle with Prawns and Garlic

Gusto is one of the fastest-growing Italian franchises in the UK, inspired by the authenticity of European grand cafes. Their indulgent Italian pasta dishes are particularly popular, with well-balanced flavours and fresh pasta providing the perfect choice for date nights and catch-ups with family and friends. Prawns make such a great pairing with the chilli and garlic in this Tagliatelle dish, cooked in a sweet chilli tomato sauce finished with zesty lime and rocket.

2. Spicy Pasta Arrabiata

Widely regarded as one of the most authentic Italian pizzerias in south-east London, Sapore Vero shouldn't be written-off for the quality of its pasta dishes either. All of their meals are made using the freshest ingredients to make even the simplest meals sing. Their Spicy Arrabiata Pasta is perfect for vegetarians as this particular dish doesn't feature their spicy N'duja sausage and the rich sauce is interesting enough to be enjoyed on its own with some fresh penne, much like the nation's favourite Bolognese sauce.

3. Estiva


Famed for its humble, authentic approach to Italian cuisine, Vapiano is an Italian restaurant franchise that is beginning to capture the imagination of Brits as well as the rest of continental Europe. They consider their food to be fast food crafted using freshly made pasta and pizza dough; the simple, effective ingredients are the key to great-tasting Italian grub. Their Mediterranean-inspired Estiva featured chargrilled chicken breast, roasted vegetables and a hint of warming chilli and ginger.

4. Gemelli alla Luganica

An old faithful for many Italian food lovers looking for a convenient taste of the Mediterranean, Carluccio's remains a popular and reliable haunt. Their Gemelli alla Luganica is further proof that spicy sausage and rich tomato sauces are a combination made in heaven. The freshly-prepared fusilli takes on the sauce brilliantly with each bite and the Italian sausage is sweet and fiery, blending wonderfully with the tomato.

5. Alla Diavola

A household name in the heart of Brighton's New Road, if you're new to the Sussex coastline, make sure you place an Italian takeaway order at Pinocchio's. Since 1977 these guys have been serving up hearty, old-school Italian fare, with simple no-frills dishes that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Their Alla Diavola is another of our favourite fusilli dishes, combining spicy Italian sausage with black olives, garlic and a hint of cream to thicken and enrich the simple tomato sauce – bellissimo!

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