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  2. Why Leeds is one of the Top Cities for Vegan Food
Why Leeds is one of the Top Cities for Vegan Food

Why Leeds is one of the Top Cities for Vegan Food

The vegan revolution is well and truly here. Eating vegan out (or in) can prove tough. However, Leeds has shown that it is one of the best cities in the country for vegan cooking. With lots of variety and so many cuisines to choose from, Leeds proves that veganism is about more than just beans and pulses (but of course, they're delicious too).

1. Humpit - The Hummus and Pitta Bar

Middle Eastern food is the perfect combination of healthy and flavourful. Tucked away in the Corn Exchange,Humpit聽is a vegan dream of homemade falafel and pitta with oozy hummus. Add pickles or salad for extra zing.

2. Global Tribe Cafe

Everyone thinks you went vegan because it's healthier. Or they think that you're scared of carbs. Prove them wrong and visit Global Tribe Cafe. Homemade vegan cheeses and massive vegan burgers are on the menu, alongside stuffed aubergines and an array of stir-fries and curries. If you've got room after that, Global Tribe also serve huge cakes and desserts to finish your meal.

3. Roots and Fruits

In the Grand Arcade, Roots and Fruits proves that veganism is about variety and big flavours. They're vegetarian and vegan, and many of the vegetarian options can easily be swapped out for something of the vegan variety. They work with the University of Leeds to ensure that the food they're serving is keeping up with the food that vegans want and need in order to have a healthy lifestyle.

4. The Grub and Grog Shop聽

Our #FarmtoFork pop up restaurant with @organicpantry1 is next weekend. 100% vegan and organic menu 馃馃馃崊 fresh from the St Helens Farm in Taddy 馃檶馃檶馃檶 Book online via the link in bio. Friday 25th & Saturday 26th August. Menu below #eatyourgreens 馃殰馃殰馃殰馃殰馃殰 路 Slow roasted beetroot, baked kale, sodabread sauce and creamed oats 路 Accent, Colleem and Picasso potatoes, spinach sauce, fried onions and pickles 路 Kohlrabi and thyme cake, spinach, chard and pickled radishes 路 Primo cabbage kimchi, fried oat groats, roasted radish and swede 路 Fennel, radish and kohlrabi, rapeseed oil and cider vinegar dressing 路 Kale, molasses sodabread, toasted seeds and sunflower seed tahini 路 Split green peas, tomato, pickled broad beans and cucumber dressing ~~~~~ 馃殰馃殰馃殰馃殰馃殰馃殰 #organicwherepossible #everythingfromscratch #eattheseasons #grubandgrog

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Everything at Grub and Grog is vegan unless otherwise stated. (Nice that it's the other way around for a change) You can treat yourself to a salad or a soup, and feel smug about the fact that Grub and Grog ensure that everything is super healthy and nutritious - until you have a beer or two, but who's counting?

There you have it: Vegan-happy options in Leeds aplenty!Fancy a bite?

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