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  2. Pilau, Naan or something else? A Loiner's quest to find the perfect curry carb
Leeds’ Best Curry Sides Will Make Your Mouth Water

Pilau, Naan or something else? A Loiner's quest to find the perfect curry carb

Yorkshire folk love a curry night, of that there is absolutely no doubt - whether it's a cool and creamy korma or a violent vindaloo, everybody has their favourite. While - let's face it - Leeds has always been a little bit behind neighbouring Bradford when it comes to South Asian cuisine, it's rapidly catching up with a host of sumptuous city centre curry houses waiting to abate that curry craving.

The question is what to marry your curry with? Nowadays there are so many accompaniments to a cuzza, be it a certain style of naan, a roti, a potato or a rice dish. The quest for perfection is real, Loiners, but you are perfectly-placed to take it on. Let's take a look at the best carb-loaded curry co-stars available for delivery.

1. Keema Naan - Bengal Brasserie

Those in the know are all too aware of the delights of a cracking keema naan. When it comes to the best efforts in Leeds, Bengal Brasserie is leading the way with a fluffy-and-flavoursome number lovingly thrown together with chunky mixed lamb, fresh chillies, ginger, coriander and a handsome combination of spices.

It's not only in naan that Bengal Brasserie excels, of course, and the ultimate accompaniment to the city's finest keema would have to be their extra special Naga Chilli Mach, a stunning and spicy South Indian fish curry. Throw in some freshly-made raita and a chunk of chutney and you're not far from perfection.

2. Chilli Chips - My Lahore

Sacrilege to some, a masterstroke to others, chips and curry is a source of fierce debate. Your bog-standard fries only serve to stodge-up a decent curry, but with a sampling of seasoning, it can really make the dish come to life. That's certainly the case with My Lahore's Chilli Chips, a simple and spicy speciality that many swear by.

My Lahore is an immensely popular Kashmiri curry house that serves a number of different cuisines, the feather in the cap being their curries of course, including their Chicken Thigh Karahi, cook and served authentically with a number of genuine Kashmiri spices.

3. Jhinga Kabir Biryani - Shabab

Why not cut out the middleman and have your carb-loading accompaniment right in the midst of matters? Everybody loves a lusciously layered biryani, and Shabab are one of the very best, providing five variations on the classic rice-based dish, including their Murgh, their Gosht and their veggie-friendly Paneer.

Our favourite has to be the generously-portioned Jhinga Kabir, though, which boasts some of the juiciest and downright tastiest king prawns known to man. Mixed with coriander, fresh onions and a heap of herbs and spices, it can be cooked according to your spice preference.

4. Peshwari Naan - Aagrah

A half-hearted naan is no use to man nor beast. What you want is a naan that goes that bit further, with a pleasant twist to it that makes dipping into your favourite curry an absolute treat. When it comes to the sweetness of a classic peshwari, one city centre eatery that goes the extra mile and comes sprinkled with honey, almonds and tasty chunks of fresh pineapple.

You can't go wrong at any of Aagrah's Yorkshire-based restaurants and whether you want to keep it sweet with their Afghani Murgh or spice things up a touch with their famous King Prawn Madras, their Peshwari Naan puts an extra-special something on your regular naan output.

So what do you fancy for your next carbo curry accompaniment? Whether you have a bursting for biryani or a nagging for naan, you can get all of these dishes and more delivered courtesy of Deliveroo.

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