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The Best Lebanese Dishes In Canterbury

If it's Lebanese, yes please, if you're in Canterbury!

Pittas, kebabs, stews and more - we probably all love Lebanese food, we just might not know it yet. Unlike some cuisines, which have many famous chain restaurants to their name, Lebanese can sometimes slip under the radar. Well, not in Canterbury! Here, we can boast that we do Lebanese takeaways best, and they take a rightful place in the land of delivered food.

Perhaps one of the best things about it is that it can be enjoyed "family style" - meaning that it's awesome to share with family and friends. Order lots of dishes, and put it all the middle to have alongside your rice and other sides. So, whether you're looking for a new style of shared food with your new flatmates at uni, or just something to keep the whole family satisfied on treat night, read on for our top picks of the town!

1. Azouma: Chicken Shawarma

Azouma is known for dishing up delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. Its menu is classic, offering tagine, salads, mezze and kebabs, which is what we think they do best. Chicken Shawarma Kebab is an absolute must for meat-lovers; the fresh chicken is aromatic and served straight from the spit. It comes with pitta bread and salad, meaning it's a full meal in itself. If you like things soft and succulent ,and let's face it, who doesn't? Then this is your best bet.

2. Zaytoona: Koufta Halabiya

Another firm favourite of ours is Koufta Halabiya from Zaytoona - you've seriously never had minced lamb so good! Served with onion, mixed spice and flat parsley, there are already plenty of flavour combinations working together unbelievably well. When you also consider the fact that the lamb is both smoked and seasoned, you'll fall in love even more. Ugh, we're hungry now!

3. Tulip: Chicken Shish

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When you try Chicken Shish from Tulip for yourself, you won't be left in any doubt why it's one of the most popular items on their menu. Featuring some of the most tender chicken you've had in a long time, each piece is lovingly grilled with an assortment of herbs, over hot charcoals for a truly authentic vibe. And, what's more, it's served with rice, couscous, and salad - but don't worry, this doesn't fall flat as simply a selection of sides, each is delicious in itself. You may as well be in Lebanon!

4. A La Turka: Aubergine Kebab

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This kebab from A La Turka features minced lamb and a whole host of other ingredients, but it's the aubergine that really steals the show for them. It goes really well with the herbs that accompany it, as well as a choice of rice or bulghour. True Lebanese kebabs are an absolute must. And no, they're not at all like the ones you get stumbling home at 3am - they're so much better!

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