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5 warming Lebanese lamb dishes to welcome Spring

Warm your cockles with five exotic and spicy lamb dishes

Spring is almost upon us and it's tradition to think of the next serving of lamb being on the Easter Sunday lunch table. But there's no need to only eat it at this time! We're especially keen – after all the cold weather we've had – to take off the chill and take up the opportunity to enjoy some exotic spiced lamb flavours from our local Lebanese restaurants.

Wherever you live in the UK, you're not far from some great Lebanese restaurants and other Middle Eastern eateries. And with the Deliveroo riders standing at the ready, you don't even need to leave home to enjoy those heady and spicy flavours whenever you want them.

1. Lamb Barbouk Tagine

Tagines are part and parcel of North African cooking and are a great way to enjoy succulent meats cooked in warming, flavour-packed sauces. At Tagine in Balham, one of the most popular menu items is the Lamb Barbouk Tagine, featuring slow-cooked lamb shank combined with almonds, prunes, poached pear and sesame seeds. Melt-in-your-mouth lamb meat in a fruity and nutty sauce – who can resist?

2. Soujouk

Lamb is often found in Middle Eastern dishes and, invariably, it's marinated and spiced to perfection to bring out the meat's natural sweetness and flavour. We recommend trying the Soujouk at Lyalena – a serving of spicy Armenian lamb sausages, grilled and served on a bed of salad. Once you've tried these, a plate of normal bangers and mash will seem very dull!

3. Lamb Shish

One of the best ways to enjoy the heady flavour of lamb meat is to have it as a shish kebab, where the meat is marinated and then grilled over charcoal flames. At the Awa Grill House, the Lamb Shish is made up of two skewers of lamb cubes and accompanied by rice, burgul or chips plus a crisp salad. Perfect for an indulgent lunch… or late night snack, ordered on the way home.

4. Lamb Kafta

If you like your kebabs with a little less chewing involved, then go for a Lamb Kafta, where the meat is minced and mixed with herbs, before being shaped into balls to go on the skewer. At the Pickled Walnut, the Lamb Kafta comes with chips and salad – a great option for lunch or dinner, or even a cheeky snack at any other time of day!

5. Lamb Sambousek

So you love the taste of lamb but, today, a whole main dish based around this meat sounds a little too rich. We've all been there, we feel your pain. But here's the solution: why not pick a lamb starter or mezze dish? The Lamb Sambousek at Diwan Lebanese Restaurant are deep-fried pastries filled with a mix of minced lamb, onion and parsley. These Lebanese versions of an Indian samosa make for a great appetiser!

Whether you're after a quick lamb kebab or a slow-cooked tagine, choose your favourite Lebanese restaurant and place your order with Deliveroo!

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