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4 Luscious Latin American Chicken Dishes In Brighton

Sassy And Soulful – It Could Only Be Chicken From The South!

The Americas are made up of an array of fascinating countries, each with their own cultures and – of course – cuisines. Whether you're into Mexican, Caribbean or even Brazilian food, chicken is a meat they know how to cook (and season) very well. And the good news is, it's no longer a struggle to find a Jamaican restaurant in any town or city and a Mexican takeaway on every corner: there's now no need to leave the country to try this tasty food. Here's the lowdown on four dishes with a kick that you need to try... and some of them aren't for the faint of heart!

1. Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken is an absolute highlight of Caribbean cuisine and is completely synonymous with Jamaican food. In Brighton, Soulfoo is a true specialist in it, getting the intricate balance of spices exactly right. The meat is rubbed and marinated with a blend of different flavours, simply known as Jamaican jerk spice. The finished product is hot, it's smokey, it's aromatic, it's flavourful – we're pretty sure "bland" isn't in the Caribbean dictionary!

2. Chicken Hearts

These may sound a little weird to the British palette, but to the Brazilians it's simply part of the cuisine and Casa Brasil is certainly teaching us why. You'll commonly find them as a "taster" within a classic Brazilian Rodizio (that's a giant BBQ with more meat than you can eat, to you and me). Ordering Casa Brasil's large BBQ Rodizio from Deliveroo will get you an entire kilo of meat including some chicken hearts. Go on, be brave! They're chewy, they're sweet, but most of all they're fun to eat!

3. Vivo Chicken Wings With Habanero

The habanero is native to the Americas and fair warning – it's almost too hot to handle… almost! It's a variety of chilli pepper originating from the Amazon that spread to Mexico and became integral to their sumptuously spicy cuisine. Las Iguanas makes some pretty mean chicken wings with the stuff and we know they're going to get your taste buds going. Seriously though, they call them "flaming hot" for a reason!

4. Street Food Salad (Chicken & Chorizo)

Nothing combines with chicken as well as a little chorizo. The Street Food Salad from La Choza draws on the influences so prevalent in Mexican cuisine and brings them to Brighton's willing taste buds. In Hispanic cooking, chorizo is incredibly popular and we're glad of it! Even better, the spicy sausage in this fiery health pot isn't just the rubbish you get in the supermarket – oh no! La Choza craft their chorizo at home, bringing that extra special something to the table that only Central American food can. It may be a salad but this dish is heart-warming!

Do you love chicken? We've got good news for you. You can basically get any kind you want, right here on Deliveroo.

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