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Vegan Burritos - The Latest 2018 Trend?

Get trendy with your lunch – order a vegan burrito!

If you needed any proof that vegan food is making its presence felt in almost every cuisine on the planet, the fact that you can now get vegan fast food in all shapes and sizes should convince you. Take, for instance, the new trend sweeping the UK – vegan burritos are available in cities countrywide, and you can check out our favourites below.

Mexican food has long been a UK favourite and so many restaurants offer vegan fillings such as roasted vegetables, others go down the marinated tofu route, and then there's the classic vegan chilli option too. However the restaurants choose to fill them, they all demonstrate how inspired and tasty vegan cooking can be.

1. Large Vegan Magnifico Tofu Burrito

The name in itself gives us a sense of what's to come with this dish. This is no shrinking violet vegan meal – it's big, loud and proud! Billed on the menu at Pancho's Burritos in Manchester as the nation's favourite veggie burrito, the marinated tofu is served in a special fajita sauce and accompanied by bell peppers, onion and sweetcorn. This dish just has to be tried!

2. Vegan burritos, salads and tacos

At Burrito Loco in Guildford, the vegan filling for the burrito options is a spicy and delicious vegetable chilli, which you then complement with your choice of rice, beans, salsa and extras such as grilled peppers and onions or guacamole. While the build-your-own burritos are the most popular items on the menu, there's also the possibility of ordering vegan tacos, or a vegan salad too. This trend is doing wonders for vegan choice.

3. Paparrito's Vegan Burrito

The Vegan burrito at Paparrito's in Cheltenham is filled to bursting with tasty ingredients. First up, there's some marinated and oven-baked tofu pieces. Then there's some coriander-spiced rice, along with roasted peppers, pinto beans and, of course, pico de gallo and guacamole. And if that's not enough to sate your appetite, there's a range of delicious sides that can be ordered with it – black turtle beans anyone?

4. Vegan layered burrito

It's good to have a range of small vegan snack plates lined up, for those times when you don't need much. For that very reason, you should get the Vegan layered burrito from Wee Mexico in Dundee into your burrito assembly. The layers include refried beans, Mexican rice, vegan cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, vegan sour cream and guacamole. A wee treat with a big dose of flavour.

5. Vegan Meal Deal

If you're a hungry vegan, maybe a burrito on its own won't suffice. Try the Vegan Meal Deal at Viva El Burrito in Leicester, which comes with a tortilla stuffed with Smoky Bean and Roasted Veg Chilli or Verduras Picantes, along with vegan cheese, rice, salsa and guacamole. You'll also get a portion of Quorn vegan nuggets and a drink to wash it all down!​

However you want to join the latest food craze and indulge in a vegan burrito, Deliveroo can help.

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