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  2. Keeping it chilli: Mexican restaurants bringing the heat to London this winter
Mexican Restaurants Bringing the Heat to London

Keeping it chilli: Mexican restaurants bringing the heat to London this winter

Winter is officially upon us, and we can't think of a better way to keep our tummies full and, most importantly, warm than with some of the best fiery Mexican food that London has to offer!

Variations of tacos, both crispy and soft, are stuffed with the very best of Mexican classics and garnished with authentic chilli flavours to keep that tongue tingling. Craving the crunch? Don't forget to order heaps of tortilla crisps with creamy guacamole or pico de gallo dips. The opportunities are endless, so check out London's finest Mexican restaurants and have your favourites sent straight to your door!

1. The Tiger Prawn Tempura, Molé Taco


If you're a fan of traditional foods but love to keep it hip all at the same time, Molé Taco serves up a delicious fusion of authentic Mexican and South American cuisine. Their offerings are fantastically crafted and include your all-time favourites with exciting twists that keep their menu tantalising. Be sure to try out the Tiger Prawn Tempura taco topped with their sizzling spicy serrano mayo and a fresh pico de gallo to balance out all that fiery goodness, and nestled inside a warm tortilla. This exotic taco brings the sun, sea and precious summer vibes to frosty London!

To keep that sweet tooth satisfied, don't forget to have a peek at their impressive desserts menu. Get your hands on an exciting Spicy Mango Cheesecake or take a walk on the wild side with their savoury brulee to top off your delicious dinner. Classic beef tacos, mouth-watering sides and even a raw bar, Molé Taco boasts it all.

2. Al Pastor Tacos, Taqueria

Tacos, tacos, and more tacos! It's not really Mexican food if tacos aren't heavily involved, and Taqueria offers some of London's finest. With a simple yet scrumptious-looking menu, this spot serves sensational burritos, tacos, quick bites, and a collection of rarely-found desserts to hit the spot.

Taqueria offers a variety of truly Mexican flavours - everything from spiced fish, steak, and prawn to the classic Al Pastor Taco. This classic features a housemade corn tortilla wrapped around a charcoal-grilled pork filling with a pineapple twist that leaves you craving more of that succulent, sweet blend. Wash it all down with a cooling glass of horchata, and you'll be completely hooked!

3. Chicken and Beef Tacos, Tortilla

Voted as the best Mexican food in London, the adequately-named Tortilla offers healthy Mexican cuisine to be remembered. This gem was delivered to Londoners by a married couple from San Francisco, California- so you know they brought along authenticity with them, too! Mouthwateringly passionate and carefully prepared, Tortilla's dishes have us drooling at the first sight of their menu.

Nothing beats the classics, like their traditionally-spiced grilled chicken or barbacoa beef tacos. Each taco is guaranteed to mesmerize you from that first, scrumptious bite, and can be topped with zesty sauces like salsa verde, guacamole, sour cream, or a unique red cabbage and pumpkin seed salsa. With a seasonally inspired menu and exciting new dishes served year-round, Tortilla always go the extra mile with their perfectly rendered Mexican classics.

4. Corazon, Totopas

Corazon is yet another fantastic addition to London's Mexican food scene. Delectable and carefully prepared with true Mexican flavours, this spot will transport your taste buds to a world away! Enthralling sides such as the vegetarian-friendly Drunken Black Beans or crunchy totopas with enticing specially-made salsas are always a great accompaniment to your meal of choice. Of course, Tacos are always a must, so be sure to check out their fabulous Pork Carnitas and Baja Fish, two favourites among the fun and exciting tortilla-wrapped bundles that they proudly offer. Ensured deliciousness with every delivery guarantees you'll become a regular at Corazon even if you never leave the house!

Remember, winter is coming, and if you've got a Mexican craving, now is the time to check out these wonderful and exciting dishes on Deliveroo!

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