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Which Cities Have the Best Italian Restaurants in the UK

Where are the best Italian restaurants in the UK?

Although we could never compete with the authentic, traditional tastes of Italy, there are a number of Italian restaurants around the United Kingdom, from London to Glasgow, that really honour their origins. Here are just some of the cities with the best Italian restaurants throughout the UK.

1. ​Purezza, Brighton

After centuries of pizza dishes, it's hard to believe that a modern ristorante could reinvent the basic recipe and make pizza new again. Well, plant-based restaurant Purezza has somehow managed to do this by swapping traditional ingredients for cashew and rice-based cheeses.

Where: Purezza, Brighton

 2. Zia Lucia, London

At last years' Time Out Love London Awards, humble neighbourhood pizzeria Zia Lucia won best local restaurant. Their pizzas doughs are hand-crafted, fermented for 48-hours and cooked in a wood-fired oven, ensuring that each pizza has a unique, delicious flavour.

Where: Zia Lucia, Holloway

3. Veeno, Edinburgh

Over in Edinburgh, local Italian Veeno specialises in extravagant platters made up of cured meats, cheeses, olives, tomatoes, artisanal breads and pretty much anything else you can think of. We were so impressed with Veeno that we named it our top gustoso in Edinburgh.  

Where: Veeno, New Town

4. Peter Pizzeria, Leicester

Remember when Leicester won the Premier League despite all odds? Well, it was during this winning season that the entire team visited Peter Pizzeria to enjoy the restaurant's traditional pizza recipes. The Queen Magherita is a definite must-have, with mozzarella, basil and olive oil.

Where: Peter Pizzeria, Leicester

5. Vapiano, London

There are several Vapiano Ristorantes scattered around London, while another establishment is based in Manchester. Their pasta arrabbiata and gamberetti e spinaci (shrimp with spinach) dishes are incredibly popular, especially when paired with the brand's incredible fine wines.

Where: Vapiano, Soho

6. Basement Browns, Royal Leamington Spa

After travelling through Italy and the United States, the founders of Basement Browns decided that they could open a pizzeria themselves. They sure could. Now, locals and tourists in Royal Leamington Spa can enjoy hand-stretched, stone-baked pizzas in this comfortable, relaxed pizzeria.

Where: Basement Browns, Royal Leamington Spa

7. Crust, Liverpool

If you're looking for a unique pizza experiences and prosecco, Crust is the place to be. This restaurant is so modern that their pizzas even look great on Instagram - particularly the Black Siciliana with a dark base, black vegetables, capers and anchovies.

Where: Crust, Liverpool

8. Mediterraneo, London

Situated across from the historic Portobello Market, Mediterraneo is an authentic Italian restaurant that has been open since 1998. Each dish is perfectly crafted, though their tagliolini con ragout di vitelo, featuring handmade tagliolini, veal ragout and special tomato sauce, is very popular and worth a try or two.

Where: Mediterraneo, Notting Hill

9. Manny's Pizza Deli, Newcastle

Few pizzerias in the UK epitomise New York City neighbourhood pizza quite like Manny's in Newcastle. Pizzas – all of which are inspired by NYC - go all the way up to 20", so you can either order the full thing or a slice like they do in Manhattan.

Where: Manny's Pizza Deli, Newcastle

10 Sapore Vero, Beckenham

Salads, pasta, pizza and calzoni are just some of the dishes available at Sapore Vero. The authentic restaurant's paccheri sapore vero – with fresh sausage, porcini mushrooms, scarmoza, cherry tomatoes and cream – is truly glorious. That said, if you fancy a pizza, the pepperoni and calabrese options are great.

Where: Sapore Vero, Beckenham

Almost every city in the UK has a plethora of incredible Italian restaurants – check out even more options at Deliveroo.

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