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  2. It’s Always Pizza Time in Cardiff
It’s Always Pizza Time in Cardiff

It’s Always Pizza Time in Cardiff

We've already given you a list of the best pizzas around the UK but we hadn't prepared our Welsh list yet! Cardiff is no stranger to great pizza, whether you're eating in or heading out. If you're stumped for something good, take a look at our picks below.

1. Deli Fuego

This place isn't just about savouring great tastes; it's about being creative, too. In addition to their extensive range of pizzas and calzones, there's an entire dedicated section on their website for you to "create your own". With toppings from a wide array of categories like meat, seafood, veggies and herbs, you'll never be left disappointed (or hungry). If you prefer to play it safe and leave your dinner in the chef's hand, you could try the "Calzone di Carne", bursting with plenty of different meats, or perhaps the "Marinara", a seafood lover's delight!

2. Svago

You'll want everything on the menu at Svago, thanks to a range of pastas, mains and fresh breads, but if it's pizza you crave, then it's pizza you'll get. "Pizza Italia" goes down especially well with the regulars, after all – what meat eater can say no to a combination of Parma ham, rocket and parmesan? If you prefer vegetarian options, you'll be all sorted as well, the "Caprino" is a divine cheesy and herby offering that won't let you down.

3. The Italian Way

Customers seem super happy with the range of pizzas on offer at The Italian Way, a lovely family-run restaurant. Your options tend to be pretty traditional, but hey, who doesn't love a good classic? Pepperoni, salami and meatballs on one pizza sounds right up our street, while you really can't go wrong with a trusty Mozzarella. We're not too sure about tuna, sweet corn, pineapple and mushrooms on one plate - it's bound to polarise opinions, that's for sure! But hey, we're told it's popular, so they really can't be going wrong.

4. Peppermint

Hand-stretched pizzas sounds good, right? Well, combine them with a few of your closest pals and some Prosecco, and that essentially sounds like a dream. That's exactly what you get at uber-hip Peppermint, which offer you a range of "Deliveroo and Chill" deals that'll sort your evening right out. You can choose from a range of yummy choices, so there'll be something for everyone (to save those squabbles). Whether your pick is bacon with goats' cheese and rocket, a veggie 3 cheese choice, or something else entirely, you won't be disappointed.

Hungry now? We're not surprised. If it's pizza you're craving, you'll find something that's just for you in Cardiff, right here on Deliveroo. 

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