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  2. Introducing Bubble Tea: The Taiwanese Drink Taking Oxford and The Midlands by Storm
Bubble Tea: The Drink Taking The Midlands by Storm

Introducing Bubble Tea: The Taiwanese Drink Taking Oxford and The Midlands by Storm

At Deliveroo, we're all about keeping on top of trends in food and drink, and one such hot topic on the lips of people across the UK is Bubble Tea. This Taiwanese tea-based drink was created almost 40 years ago in Asia and is now becoming a very popular alternative to milkshakes in England, as well as other parts of Asia like Hong Kong and China. It is particularly popular in Oxford, where the student city has taken Bubble Tea to its hearts with a great range of flavoured teas available, adorned with tapioca or liquid pearls and enjoyed hot or cold.

Let's take a look at some of the best exponents of Bubble Tea in Oxford and elsewhere in the Midlands, including independent cafes and vegetarian restaurants, with a wide range of flavours available for delivery day and night.

1. Chatime, Gloucester Street (Oxford)

Chatime is a fast-expanding franchise of Bubble Tea cafes, with locations now dotted around from East Anglia to Scotland. The Oxford store is particularly popular with the younger generation, with the University's students regularly ordering deliveries from this corner of Gloucester Street. They offer a great range of fruit teas as well as their signature milk teas; the peach green tea is particularly refreshing both hot and cold and it's great fun sucking up the tapioca pearls scattered on top of the drink too!

2. Formosan Tea Bar, High Street (Oxford)

The guys at Formosan Tea Bar are thought to be one of the UK's main pioneers of authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea. Since 2012, they have been taking a fresh approach to serving flavoured fruit and milk teas. Here, it's possible to enjoy traditional tea flavours, with Taiwanese black tea mixed with fresh and creamy organic milk – topped by the obligatory pearls, of course! Some of their specials are really innovative too, with homemade raspberry jam combined with hot or iced tea making a great treat for those with a sweet tooth.

3. Pearls Bubble Tea, University of Leicester

Located within the redeveloped University of Leicester student union building is Pearls Bubble Tea. Their original iced teas are particularly popular with Leicester's student population, while the special flavours, such as Banoffee Pie, Cookies and Cream, and Pina Colada make for an excellent dessert-like drink after a meal out with friends. These guys also stock a great range of coconut water, which is another drink to take the UK by storm in recent years.

4. Bubble Boba, Coventry

Specialising in a vast array of flavours in milk teas and shakes, fruit teas, and other seasonal drinks, Bubble Boba is also bringing Bubble Tea to the homes of Coventry. The brainchild of couple, Neil and Kristin, who spotted a gap in the market for high-quality Bubble Tea flavours in this West Midlands city, Bubble Boba only uses certified ingredients from local and international suppliers to guarantee the freshest, most vibrant flavours.

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