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Brilliant food and beer pairings

The best of beer buddies

History is full of great double-acts who never quite got the kudos they deserved. Arnie and Danny Devito, The Chuckle Brothers, Fred and George Weasley – but we want to add an underappreciated double act to the list: beer and dinner. It's not something we really think about, but you can do a lot to make the most of your beer while you're enjoying something to eat!

Sweet and sour


If you're enjoying a beverage with a bit of bite, then you'll need some food that'll take the edge off. Pair up a cloudy Berliner Weiss or a fruit flavoured bottle with something simple, but delicious.

Dark and mysteriousDeliveroo

If you like your pints tall, dark and handsome, then you need something that can stand up to some big flavours. Soak it up with some mac & cheese or use it to cool down a spicy meat dish. Not a bad option if you're enjoying a rich dessert too!

Spice up your pint


For those who ask a little more of their beer, and don't mind dealing in some subtler flavour combinations – this is the pairing for you. Seafood and a squeeze of lemon is a classic, so why not get those citrus notes from your drink instead?

It's a bittersweet symphony


If you're hopping to it with a stronger pale ale, then you need a dish with the flavour to match. Go for something with some real chops, like a curry or a sophisticated, but punchy antipasto.

Lager than life


If you're all about ice cold refreshment and you're looking for something to give you that "ah" moment, then these beers are your bag. They're lighter and fresher, so perfect for cutting through anything fried or beefy.

If you want to celebrate International Beer Day the right way, get on over to Deliveroo where we've got your food and drink needs all covered. Always remember to drink responsibly, please visit drinkaware.co.uk for more information.

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