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  2. Mouth-watering alternatives to chicken tikka masala in the UK
Mouth-watering alternatives to chicken tikka masala in the UK

Mouth-watering alternatives to chicken tikka masala in the UK

Sure, your usual order of chicken tikka masala is a quick and easy fix when the curry cravings hit, but every so often you'll find yourself needing to venture out and try something new. Feed the urge with these scrumptious chicken tikka alternatives! Take advantage of the UK's vast Indian cuisine scene and order up something different for dinner today.

1. Rogan Josh Lamb, Rusty Bike Indian Kitchen

The Rusty Bike Indian Kitchen is a unique chain of restaurants that focus on bringing a local, independent vibe to their kitchens. In their fragrant Rogan Josh Lamb dish, succulent lamb pieces are smothered in a rich and creamy tomato sauce simmered with the perfect blend of spices. Mop it all up with some of their freshly-baked naan bread and by the end, this spot will top your list of favourites.

2. Tiffins, Purple Poppadom

Nothing has you exploring the adventurous side of Indian cuisine quite like Purple Poppadom's highly-sought-after Tiffins tapas platter. Experience some truly unique food traditions by giving these little flavour bombs a try. The platter consists of a starter, a veggie dish, rice, lentils, salad, homemade bread and the choice of either chicken, lamb, prawn or vegetables. You haven't even scratched the surface of Indian cuisine until you've tried what has been deemed Wales' best curry house for its exquisitely imaginative cooking.

3. The Grand Thali Box, The Chilli Pickle Canteen

Keep yourself feeling full for the rest of the night by ordering the Chilli Pickle Canteen's ultimate dinner set, the Grand Thali Box. This is one vegetarian platter so scrumptiously filling that even your most carnivorous friends can't resist. This massive platter features rice, South Indian yellow dal beans, and a coconut-based carrot thoran coupled with freshly-baked chapati bread and puffy poppadoms to dip into a flavoursome mushroom shorba. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, grab a few cheesy samosas and mixed onion pakora and coat each bite with layers of apricot & mango chutney, cucumber raita, and tamarind chutney. They even add a sweet, nutty coconut and cranberry barfi to finish it all off. Now that is a mouthful!

4. Chicken Dansak, Lily Tandoori

Lily Tandoori is a special hub for curry lovers that has been bringing food from the heart of India straight to the UK for the past 40 years. Nothing will make you forget all about chicken tikka like indulging in their Chicken Dansak dish. This popular Indian dish combines elements of Gujarati and Persian cuisine, where the chicken is spiced and tossed in a mixture of sweet, sour and spicy split peas and lentils, and served with a caramelised brown rice. Whatever you choose from Tandoori's menu, your taste buds will not be disappointed tonight.

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