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Beat the post holiday blues

The perfect post holiday delivery

You're on the final leg of that packed train journey, crammed full of sweaty fellow travellers. With only two more stops until you're back home, your thoughts turn to cooking – and then very quickly away from it.

There's nothing in the fridge, walking to the shops feels like taking on Everest and you just need a bit of TLC. That's where Deliveroo comes in, so we've put together a guide for what you should order to keep that holiday feeling going – for one more meal at least.

Feeling the sun burn?

If you're one of the legions coming home sporting the mother of all farmer's tans then you need something to cool you down. Some simple, fresh sushi should do the trick – plus you can always fry up a piece of sashimi on your shoulder if you feel like something hot after all.

Been out in the cold?

If for some really weird reason, you decided to visit somewhere cold – you'll want something to light your fire, like a spicy Thai curry. And as you taste those exotic flavours, you'll realise that you probably should have visited there instead.

Family comes first?

You went away with your folks, and somehow on the journey back everyone is still being civil – but you all need one thing: a little time apart. Get home and bury your face in a burger, trust us – all of those problems will melt away. You can have peace talks over pizza later, anyway!

Jet lag 101.

If you flew in overnight and you're fighting to stave off sleep until later, an energy-packed breakfast could be your light at the end of the tunnel! Whether you want the warmth of a full-English-inspired food coma or you prefer the taste of avocado smash to getting on the property ladder, we got what you need.

The detox starts today!

Holidays are made for overindulging, but if you're ready to get right on the straight and narrow then good for you! Make it a meatless day and enjoy some food straight from mother nature's back garden – we've got a whole world of veggie options to get you firmly back on the wagon.

It's over when I say it's over!

Can't let go? That's all right, denial is the first stop on the road to acceptance. This is much less about choosing a particular type of food, and more about eating as if there's no tomorrow. You can take a culinary world tour in the absence of cash or more holiday days – visit India, China, Lebanon, Mexico and take your tastebuds on a dream trip!

If this has given you itchy feet and hungry taste buds, then get on over to Deliveroo and embark on a foodie adventure of your own!

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