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4 High-Protein Recipes You Should Try for the Best Breakfast Ever

The four best breakfast ideas for anyone who wants more protein in their life

Protein is perhaps one of the most important nutritional requirements our bodies have. By eating protein, we help our bodies to repair and build new tissue, to make new enzymes and hormones, to build bones and muscles and even to produce blood. It's pretty important, so why not add more of it to the most important meal of the day? From protein hotplates in Brighton to superfood smoothies in St Albans, here are some of the best breakfast dishes packed full of protein for you to try.

1. Protein Hotplates

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While chicken isn't usually the first breakfast meat to spring to mind here in the UK, many other countries eat chicken to start their day due to its high levels of protein. At Brighton eatery Lovefit Café they've taken this and ran with it, offering a wide variety of chicken-based Protein Hotplates. The original remains popular, featuring naked chargrilled chicken breasts, though there are also Lemon, Cajun, Italian, Hunter's and Mexican Chicken varieties to choose from. Dietary information is provided for all of the dishes, so the biggest health nuts among you can see just what you're putting into your body at the beginning of the day.

2. Protein Pancakes

Of course, we don't blame you if you'd prefer a more traditional breakfast – especially if you're a vegetarian or vegan. At Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury, they take all your wants and needs into consideration when creating their range of perfect Protein Pancakes. Those with a sweet tooth should definitely opt for the Peanut Butter and Banana recipe. The firmness of the pancakes, the softness of the banana and the crunch of the peanut butter are textures that complement each other beyond anything you ever dreamed of. Meanwhile, the addition of chia seeds will get you your omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fibre, iron and calcium on top of the protein in the pancakes. This one's a nutritional winner!

3. Superfood Smoothies

Not everyone has time to sit and savour a healthy breakfast, which may be why breakfast smoothies have become so popular. Fortunately, places like The Juice Pharm in St Albans have you get-up-and-go smoothie-drinkers covered when it comes to the extra protein kick you need to start your day. There are ten Superfood Smoothies to choose from, most of which are made using fresh fruits, chia seeds, honey and almond milk, so vegans can partake too. The Avocado Lover, though, is a top choice for anyone who seriously loves the mighty, green, healthy-fat packed vegetable.

4. Protein Bread

If all this sounds a bit much and you just fancy a bit of toast, we totally get you. There's nothing better or easier to eat of a morning than a warm piece of toast. Core Collective in London must agree, as Protein Bread is the first entry in their breakfast menu. Served with chia seed jam and nut butter, you couldn't ask for a more protein-packed toast. They also do a selection of protein-filled granola bowls and egg dishes, for the odd occasion when you do fancy mixing things up.

For even more best breakfast options packed full of protein, check out what Deliveroo has to offer near you.

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